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Before cleaning, switch off the coffee machine and allow it to cool down. The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. Hardness level 1 Hardness level 2 Hardness level 3 Hardness level 4 1 Note!

Make sure that no foreign bod1 ies, such as stones, enter the coffee bean container. Beachten Sie die max. Before starting work, ensure that the machine is unplugged from the mains socket.

Hardness 3, hard up to 3. The cup measures are indicated bedienungssanleitung fol- lows: The cleaning process finishes after approximately 8 minutes, when the “Clean” key Fig.

AEG-Electrolux Cafamosa CF 250 manual

Wipe the steam nozzle off with a damp cloth. Damage caused by for- eign bodies in the grinder is excluded from the guarantee.

Durch loslassen der Taste ,Entkalken” wird der eingestellte Wert gespeichert. Coffee powder, which is too fine, can lead to blockages. When you dispense 2 cups of coffee, the previously set “Cof- fee Quantity” and “Cup Measure” are doubled. If your coffee cups or your taste change, you can easily change the cup measure s to your new requirements, whenever you want. The automatic des- caling process now starts through the coffee-making unit.


Search: Bedienungsanleitung fC3BCr die AEG CaFamosa CF – view online |

In the event of a power failure or interruption, the program must be restarted! You can used the included test card to determine the water hardness, or contact your local water supply company.

Reassemble the two parts. This will protect your coffee machine from being damaged by freezing in cold weather. If the cof- fee machine is used on a commercial basis, bedienuhgsanleitung guarantee is restricted to 12 months. It is essential to thoroughly flush the stainless steel strainers to remove all coffee residues Fig.

Table of Contents Page: Push the bedienungsanleitungg unit onto the guide bar and then unit into the coffee machine as far as it will go Fig. To steam off the system, remove water tank and then select the steam function. Grinding, portioning, pressing, pre-brewing, brewing, ejec- tion of the coffee grounds.

AEG CaFamosa CF 85

On this page you can get: The coffee quantities are indicated as follows: Use bedienungsznleitung water to clean any coffee residues from both parts. Hardness 3, hard up to 3.

Hold the bean container with the marking on the “Unlockcontainer” position, and set it in place Fig. The coffee machine is now ready for making coffee again. Press and hold the latching button down and pull out the coffee-making unit Fig. This provision also applies if the cleaning and des- caling programs are not run in accor- dance with the instructions in this manual, immediately after illumina- tion of the “Clean” key Fig.


The service cover opens at the front Fig. Use only roast coffee beans! They can be re-used as transport protection if the coffee machine needs to be taken for service.

Aeg cafamosa manual – Google Docs

Das Programm startet, der Prozess darf nicht unterbrochen werden. Activate the steam nozzle only when you are holding a container under the nozzle. Your bedienuhgsanleitung automated AEG coffee machine guarantees you Absolute ease of operation, both in making coffee and in maintenance and care The excellent, individual taste is achieved by The pre-brewing system: The original cleaning tablets and descalant are obtainable direct from us.

Do not use hot water, milk or other liquids. Use fresh water every day. Push the latching lever up. Plug the coffee machine into an earthed mains socket. Do not use hot water, milk or other liquids.

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