Al-Ibriz. Sayings of Sayyid Sh. ´Abd al-‘Aziz al-Dabbagh al-Hasani Written down by Sh. Ahmad ibn al-Mubarak al-Lamati. English: View PDF | Download (56 MB). Results 1 – 11 of 11 al-?ahab al-ibriz (4e quart) MU?AMMAD IBN SA?ID and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. : Pure Gold from the Words of Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh: Al- Dhabab al-Ibriz min Kalam Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh (Basic Texts of.

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Now there was no person who could have revealed this to anyone, indeed nobody knew about it except God the Sublime. Al-Dabbagh told me this—God be pleased with him—when I spoke to him about the ibroz of one of the eminent dead frequently visited by the people, who has imparted benefits and whose shrine has cured the sick.

Al ibriz pure gold pdf – Amescon

When the Friend of God receives illumination, God removes from him seventy-two veins of darkness. Have you ever heard of a purity such as his body contains? For whomever perfection and guidance toward God appear from the Friend, let him praise God—He is blessed and exalted!

Each one of the letters possesses seven secrets which originate in accordance with the previous meanings, and each possesses seven other secrets which correspond to the Arabic language. He informed him of the story and said to him: There are three rows of them. The people smelled the scent of wine coming from him and they fled from him. Indeed, the ship caught fire without any cause. When he was about to enter on the mountain trail, he exclaimed: Meanwhile, God held back the two men who were thieves and they did nothing.


Having become ak, it hurls itself at someone and kills him. But God is all-knowing and informed.

Al ibriz pure gold pdf

Later when I visited him and mentioned the matter to him, he said: Three pivots are on his left each one an adherent of the other three schools of jurisprudence. So come into the retreat with me, my son—God bestow success on you! How many Friends of God have had their spirit taken unto God in this situation!

How can insane Majdhub be saints? So for Ad-Dabbagh, seeing someone with wine and women and remaining silent, rather believing in the sainthood of such person is purity and good behaviour of the Murid, and by behaving in such manner, the Murid wil have great secrets and powers.

They do this out of politeness toward the living and out of fear of them.

For this reason he said: Just as their spirits have charge over their thaumaturgic gifts, they also have charge over their apparent sins. They said to him: Then he made appear to them the form of a woman who came to him and entered his retreat. Musa aley salam was not aware of what Al-Khidr did, Sulayman was not aware of what Hud Hud had seen, Ibrahim did not knew some of his unknown guests were angels, and so on….

The one with the power of free disposal remains concealed from them. Indeed, these are lights which burn, terrify and straightway kill. When he recounted this igriz be pleased with him—he used to say: So one can see this kind of Sufism, Sufi shaykh lying, telling their students to accept their orders that oppose the Shariah….

Pure Gold from the words of Sayyidi Abda al- Aziz al Dabbagh (Al Ibriz) – English

I could smell this quite strongly on him, an aroma of cloves. So if God wishes the wretchedness of a group, the Friend of God appears with them by means of the shadow of his body and begins to practice whatever they practice. After all, they behold the wish of God the Sublime by means of their deeper vision. This story is against the Shariah: The secret behind this is what was previously explained, namely that the good of prophets comes from their bodies dhawatwhereas the good of the Friends of God comes from other than their bodies.


God alone confers success! At other times the pull of his natural temperament is stronger and you find that he neglects its sense for one or two days. All of this is due to his evidentiary miracles—blessings and peace be upon him! The spirits of the people of wretchedness—God protect us from that—are in this fire which has the form of confined dwellings like wells, caves and nests.

Then in his interior he spoke of the descent of a verse which would disgrace them. That is to say, he hears it with all his ubriz and every part of his body. Not one mote comes to rest, not one hair moves, no heart beats, no vein pulsates, no eye blinks and no eyebrow makes a sign without God the Sublime being the agent behind it—directly without any intermediary.

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