The Alexander Lippisch Papers (, n.d.) located in Special Collections, contains biographical material, correspondence, scientific research, materials. Biography. Special Lecturer Alexander Lippisch has been teaching at the University of Akron since He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. Alexander M. Lippisch, (born Nov. 2, , Munich—died Feb. 11, , Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.), German-American aerodynamicist whose designs of tailless .

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Convair XP result from wind tunnel testing the DM However, Lippisch contracted cancerand resigned from Collins. One of his first projects at Collins was the design of a high-speed smoke tunnel. Despite those consultations and the fact he remained as farseeing and inventive as ever, the postwar years did not provide Lippisch with an opportunity to bring many of his ideas to fruition. Cedar RapidsIowaUS. Despite this first brush with airplanes, he still planned to pursue a profession in the arts just like his father.

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Lippischby Henry V. During this time, Collins asked Lippisch to develop a design incorporating the ground effect concept. In addition to a rich array of material relating to Lippisch’s work in aeronautical engineering, the collection also includes biographical material about Lippisch and publications and photographs related to general aviation history.

Rudolf “Pitz” Opitz http: From tohis interest in delta wings resulted in the development of five aircraft numbered Delta I — Delta V. alexwnder

This power plant had kp of thrust and an exhaust gas temperature of degrees Celsius. Nonetheless, with more than 50 aircraft designs and 50 patents, Alexander Lippisch remains one of the most important designers of his time.

Alexander M. Lippisch

He was initially best known for his canard-surface, tailless Ente Aleaxnderwhich attracted the attention of automobile magnate Fritz von Opel, who was then conducting publicity-generating experiments with rocket power. The die had been cast. Lippisch designed aerodyne model flight testing at Collins. Lippisch somehow managed to keep his family together, and often with him, throughout World War II.


The general lippisfh was developed elsewhere as well. Lippisch’s own evolution of this layout for the Messerschmitt Me target-defence interceptor. What Happened to Ariel Tweto? Plans for much larger military transport and patrol versions never went beyond the drawing board. This aircraft was designated DFS and the development was conducted at the Messerschmitt works in Augsburg.

Nonetheless, the deltawing planform in its many variations—tailless, tailed, ogival, etc. An FBI analysis of his past led to the conclusion that Lippisch was not an ardent Nazi, but rather one of many scientists who had joined the party in order to continue their work in wartime. The principle behind akexander Aerodyne alexancer the production of lift and thrust using a single unit and flow channel, like a ducted fan.

Alexander Lippisch – Wikipedia

Lippisch also designed conventional gliders at this time, including the Wien of and its successor the Fafnir of He was alexahder, slight and saturnine in lipipsch, but he was also often amusing alexanser even lighthearted despite the difficulties dealt him.

The end of the war disrupted most lives in Germany, particularly in its once-booming aviation industry, since the Treaty of Versailles prohibited building powered aircraft. Family tradition induced Alexander to enter art school at Weimar in This idea has the potential to make the ordinary wing obsolete. The Delta I was the world’s first [4] tailless delta wing aircraft to fly in [5] [6].

He and 12 colleagues joined Messerschmitt and formed a special unit devoted to developing the Me as an operational rocket interceptor.

Decades later, its concept—and appearance—still remain a source of surprise and curiosity among aircraft enthusiasts. It was flown for the first time in April under a military contract of the German government. He also worked on remote powered vehicles which led to his concept of the Aerodyne.


The International Aerospace Hall of Fame. History and DevelopmentIowa State Universitypage In he placed an 8-hp, 2-cylinder engine on Storch Llppisch, which flew very well, but Lippisch could not secure formal backing for the design.

Bizarre Aircraft: the Lippisch Aerodyne

His last designs, however, concerned supersonic deltas and the use of ramjet power. In Lippisch accepted employment at Collins Radio Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he was director of the aeronautical division until We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. The demands for new aircraft were high, so aviation designers and engineers were continually churning out designs. Contact our editors with your feedback. You may find it helpful to search within the alexandef to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

Bizarre Aircraft: the Lippisch Aerodyne • Disciples of Flight

A believer in the importance of a broad education, Lippisch gave many lectures on the significance and the history of flight. This unit was a liquid-fuel rocket being built by Hellmuth Walter at Kiel.

He and Gertrude had three children, Sibylla, Blanca and Peter. Not surprisingly, there were many obstacles along the way to the Me, few of them related to its superb aerodynamic qualities.

That lead later to the Lippish’s Komet – the Messerschmitt Meliquid rocket manned interceptor.

By the time the war ended, however, the project had only advanced as far as a development glider, the DM The massive jet for the aerodyne.

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