Aloka Co., Ltd., announced today its new ProSound Alpha 6, the next generation of compact color ultrasound systems. The ProSound Alpha 6 multi-purpose. high-end platforms, designed for hospitals. All of these benefit from our technological thought leadership. ProSound F75 Premier/CV. F F ProSound 6. The ProSound Alpha6 is powerful and versatile, yet compact and friendly. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. This system.

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Unidirectional flow with more sensitivity. With reduced alokka consumption, the Alpha 6 is also designed to be economical and environment-friendly. It allows the user to get displayed the 4 B-mode images in a single screen facilitating in many of the diagnostic studies. Broadband Harmonics BbH – Provides high quality imaging using an expanded range of harmonic signals. Endo-cavity probe with end aperture of 9mm radius.

ALOKA‘s New ProSound Alpha 6 Ultrasound System on Show at MEDICA

This technology results in excellent image resolution and sensitivity and improved penetration. The quietness and round body design minimize the patient’s unease with medical equipment.

Alpha 6 is multi-purpose and provides high performance. This feature is used to measure the Starin and the Strain Rate in echocardiography.

High and low velocity flow can be detected with virtually no blooming. The DR workstation designed as a single console workflow with exceptional diagnostic imaging and advanced image enhancement capabilities for optimal examination procedures. Download product brochure here: ProSound Alpha 6, designed to address the ultrasound diagnostic needs of public and private hospitals and clinics, provides unprecedented performance in an affordable system.


High end monitor can be swiveled horizontally and tilted vertically. High definition Blood Flow Imaging.

The ProSound Alpha 6 is designed to be mobile and with reduced power consumption is economical and environmentally friendly. It is a technique to get live 3D imaging using Electro-mechanical probe.

Fit and healthy with smart helpers. The ProSound Alpha6 offers huge potential both as a multi-purpose system and as a specialty system. Globally on the road of medical markets. Interviews Collect, process, communicate — retina measurements with Mimo SoftHand: My Bench Order History Sign out. A message appears if the user attempts to end the examination without completing the protocol.

It is compact and ergonomic featuring a large, programmable, touch screen panel for quick access to frequently-used controls making examinations simpler. Has bagged the best international design award for its innovative design and performance by International Forum iF. PW is a conventional technique to study Doppler with more accurate depth information’s.

Contact us about our special offer probes today! Sign In or Register. Free Angular M-mode with 3 cursors at a time.

HPRF allows the user to study higher velocities without aliasing. To save the images and reports prksound external use or printing. Similar Equipment For Sale. Extended Pure Harmonic Detection. The high power processor allows a number of different imaging modes previously seen only in high end systems, without compromise on image quality and colour Doppler sensitivity. Steering allows the continuous steering of the Linear gray scale images to right or left so that the optimal image angle can be obtained.


ProSound Platforms

High image quality due to the transmission through optimum waveform. Wave intensity is the new indicator of blood aaloka which is expected to help pave the way for analysis of the interference between the heart and the arterial system. Compound Pulse Wave Generator CPWG – The most advanced broadband beam-forming technology combined with high speed image processing that allows for higher definition ultrasound imaging than ever before.

High Performance in gray scale image. This feature automatically aligns the sample volume to compensate the transducer direction to the direction of the blood flow.

The switches can even be assigned to suit the department or user, and troublesome procedures can be reduced for faster examinations. I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions. The ProSound Alpha series has a well-established reputation in large facilities and hospital imaging departments worldwide. Smooth examinations can be performed with pre registered protocol. Real Time Doppler Auto Trace.

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Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 Ultrasound System – Techno Medical Equipment

To facilitate the user for conventional typing. This function enables the machine to perform automatic calculation of Intima-media thickness of the innermost two walls of an artery.

High Pulse Aloma Frequency.

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