In Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute offer a new vision to revitalize business models, end-run Washington gridlock, and win the. Reinventing Fire has ratings and 24 reviews. the Kindle edition of Amory Lovins’ latest book “Inventing Fire – Bold Solutions for the New Energy Era”. Reinventing Fire: Bold New Solutions for the New Energy Era Amory Lovins Rocky Mountains Institute, A note on the energy chapters in.

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Framing the issue in this way helps a lot to get bipartisan support. No oil spills, no dead coalminers, no dirty air, no devastated lands, no lost wildlife.

No one got even a case of mild radiation disease from that amroy. There are many good reasons for moving away from fossil fuel. And it also means that we are going to be spending way more resources and time on dealing with problems those pesky overshoot things above rather than seizing the opportunities that are the focus of this book.

There will be trillions of investments anyway. Methodology for the analysis of the industry sector in Reinventing Fire. May 19, Andy Gagnon rated cire it was amazing. This is why my mid’s Prelude got much, much better gas mileage than my Prelude. Popular in tone and rooted in applied hope, “Reinventing Fire” shows how smart businesses are creating a potent, global, market-driven, and explosively growing movement to defossilize fuels.

He has taught and written about sustainability and justice issues for many years. Smaller units, and more of them. This book is very much concerned with solutions, instead reinvetning pointing out that nothing can possibly work.

Much like Natural Capitalismit’s a page feat of “whole systems thinking” that eschews the search for a single “silver bullet” to fix fossil fuel dependence in favor “silver buckshot and birdshot” that can be used rebuild the US economy that makes the world “richer, fairer, cooler and safer”.

Pessimists and defeatists like Ted Trainer won’t help get anything done. It reads like a textbook, or a consultant report in book format–accessible, but full of graphs, model results, boxes, and bullet points.


Aug 20, Hamza rated it really liked it. And even if fossil fuels had no hidden costs, they are all finite, with extraction peaking typically in this generation.

Amory Lovins on ‘Reinventing Fire’ with convergence and innovation

Carbon fiber cars would cut oil dependency. Fen Montaigne in The Guardian has said that the book is impressive in both its scope and detail:. Dec 06, JB rated it it was amazing. That of course is not going to happen. The renewable scenario outlined assumes a generating capacity of 1, GW peak capacity.

I imagine that’s a result of surveying a bunch of different industries so I’ll allow it.

Amory Lovins: A year plan for energy | TED Talk

They could all be done administratively or at a state level. More Reviews and Praise. Even though there might be a very low probability of losing almost all load, from time to time that will happen even from a combined wind and solar system extending over a continental area, as Oswald and others have shown.

Even if you account for the fact that renewable has a much smaller capacity factor, this is still quite far from a nuclear only carbon free energy plan. Mar 20, Damon rated it really liked it. As Lenzen points out these should be regarded as being parts of the wind and solar system and their cost should be added to the renewable account just as my solar PV house lighting system includes the cost of the emergency generator that is needed from time to time.

Worst year for gas mileage – This is exactly what the nuclear industry needs. It is not difficult to show how most or all energy could come from renewables; you just assume enough plant to do it when there is little sun or wind.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You’ll need to checkout before adding this pre-order item to your basket. Our analysis assumes that on average, the entire United States will ramp up over decades to the rates of efficiency and renew ables adoption that the most attentive states have already achieved.

Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era by Amory B. Lovins

Energy is a much broader problem of; national security, jobs, technology innovation and competitive advantage, as well as climate change and lovuns environment. Books about energy issues books Renewable energy commercialization Books by Amory Lovins.


It’s more like “going greener”. The grid can feed renewables to it and buildings can draw from it. Over thousands of years, the wood burning fires of our ancestors have become the fossil fuels we burn to generate the energy that powers our current civilization.

Readers need to be actively engaged in reading the book—one does not skim over the material. It is difficult to assess the transport fuel chapter as it seems to consist mainly of very optimistic claims for which little or no demonstration or derivation is given, and which seem quite implausible.

There is no way to stop renewable energy at this point, and even if it were possible, that would be rather bad news for the climate. Whether you care most about profits and jobs, national security, health, or environmental stewardship, Reinventing Fire charts a pragmatic course that makes sense and makes money.

This is bound to have more appeal and impact with the conservative crowd. Counting the important hidden benefits and costs to health, productivity, security, etc.

The author argues that because the necessary legislation and public policy are already in place for the transition to clean power, the transition can come about through market-based innovation across many different industries. Paul rated it really liked it Apr 15, But most US consumers are in northerly regions which would be generating very little via PV in winter.

This is unusually high; a 1. Preview — Reinventing Fire by Amory B. InTime named him one of the most influential people in the world, and Foreign Policyone of the top global thinkers. Lovins cites Henry Ford with this quote: Lovins is a physicist, leading expert on energy, and co-founder of Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, nonprofit, think-and-do tank.

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