Sutta Study Program MN Page 1 of 1. Study Guide for MN Ariyapariyesana Sutta. Discourse on the Noble Search. Discourses 26, 4, 19, and The Pali text of Majjhima Nikaya, Sutta The Buddha describes the method of his quest for Nibbana as consisting of avoiding that which was, like himself at. Pali Canon – Ariyapariyesana Sutta. by Sangharakshita. The Ariyapariyesana Sutta Seminar. Held at Padmaloka in July-August Those present: Urgyen.

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MN The Noble Search—Bhikkhu Sujato

Traveling stage by stage, I arrived at Benares, and went to see the group of five mendicants in the deer park at Isipatana. Seeing it with wisdom too desires get destroyed. These attachments are liable to fall sick. Saw certain ones abiding fearing the other world. Then the gods approached me and told. To whom shall I give the first discourse? Change the script of the Pali text This enables you to read the Pali text in various scripts.

Then the Lord together with the venerable Ananda approached the Eastern Park, the palace of Migara’s mother, for the day-sojourn.


Bodily determinations are in-breaths and out breaths, as these are bound up with the body and always with the body, they are bodily determinations. Slaves men and women, are subject to death.

I, a subject of decay, knowing the dangers of decay was searching the non-decaying noble end of the yoke and attained extinction. Sons and wife are subject to decay. It may be just a temporary shelter.

Pali Canon – Ariyapariyesana Sutta

Sons and wife are subject to birth. Friend, your mental faculties are pure and your skin colour is pure. Now ariyapariyeesana abandoned that striving and gone to abundance, what distinct knowledge and vision above human have you attained? Teaching 6 – Wisdom For The World show preview. In whose name have you gone forth, reverend? Then it occurred to me, this Teaching does not lead to giving up, detachment, cessation, appeasement, knowledge enlightenment and extinction.

Whose teaching do you believe in?

Bhikkhus, it occurred to me. When this was said the wandering ascetic Upaka, shook his head and said. One subject to grief, searches grief. Here a certain one subject to birth, knowing its dangers searches the not decaying noble end of the yoke extinction. Bhikkhus, I quickly learned that teaching to acknowledge I know and I see by uttering and reciting as the elders did.


Then it occurred to me, these fivefold bhikkhus were of great help, they attended on me until I gave up resolute striving. There I saw a pleasant plot of land, with a stretch of forest close to it. In secluded spots away from the noise and the bustle of the city but accessible.

I, a subject of illness, knowing the dangers of illness was searching the not ailing noble end of the yoke and attained extinction.

For the second time, the fivefold bhikkhus sitta me. Some came out to greet me and receive my bowl and robe, some spread out a seat, while others set out water for washing my feet.

Let the two of us together guide this following. These attachments are liable to grow old. And what is the ignoble search? Like the wild animals wandering in the declivity would go with confidence, stand with confidence, sit with confidence and would lie with confidence.

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