mm. THE REGA BAERWALD ARC PROTRACTOR download this protractor at: designed by seb donate to his paypal account. Free Protractor To Align Your Turntable Cartridge! Baerwald, Stevenson, and others came along later, and each published alignment geometry equations. I did my best with the included protractor to align the cart properly, but the Technics doesn’t quite use a Baerwald alignment. I wound up with.

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Y ou’ll find an Excel file at the link located below this article. After nearly an hour of trying to fit the screws and nuts the normal way, I gave up and flipped it around.

This will involve some averaging of the zenith angle between the two points, but the stylus should find exact center over both null points. Ben AdamsJan 29, AntaresJan 29, I recommend that this very important mounting distance, pivot-to-spindle, is checked and compared to the tonearm manufactures specification.

What you may need to do is mount the cartridge a bit loose and slightly move it forward or back and see how it aligns on both points. In the original, generic, headshell, I noticed the right channel had proteactor nearly nonexistent.

I laid a straightedge down on the grid to help me gain a better perspective.

To adjust Zenith angle, the cartridge body is rotated within the ;rotractor until a baerwad alignment exists between the cantilever and the grid lines on the protractor. Okay, so how does the spreadsheet work? Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

  ASHCROFT 45-1279 PDF

You know you have it perfect when both points are perfect without moving the protractor. It was pre-mounted for a Technics alignment. I was first sent a defective cartridge so I got two opportunities to set it up.

No matter how bad the overhang is you can do it. The one protrzctor here: After a few minutes of nudging and checking with both a credit card and a razor blade, I’m ready to give it a shot on the TT. This weighted curve places more emphasis on tracking error for inner grooves than for outer grooves, which is representative of the actual distortion caused by tracking error.

That is my point. Typically this can happen when pivot-to-spindle distances are made adjustable at the arm board, or if a different tonearm has been incorrectly installed to the turntable.

Thanks for the correction. I compared the first alignment done by baerwld dealer with the jig and it was off both in the alignment with the grid and the azimuth were off, so much for blind faith.

Free Turntable Cartridge Alignment Protractor And Speed Discs

To adjust mounting length, loosen the fasteners ‘just enough’ to allow the cartridge to be slid in either direction within the headshell until the stylus is centered over the null point. DarkAuditJan 31, I have to crank the volume much higher than normal to get the usual listening level, and even then it’s muddy. But the goal is to adjust the overhang so that the zenith angle is correct at both protractkr points protactor the stylus is centered over the null point.

  ESB 24-40 ABB PDF

These are also spreadsheet input cells, but initially they are linked to the corresponding calculator cells, I3, O3, and Q3 so the calculator controls the entire spreadsheet.

Danny HollandJan 28, When I tried then on my old TT Protraxtor seemed to get close but never perfect so the needle prottactor drop in both points while remaining aligned in the grid.

Guy at the shop double-checked the wire connections, but said without the TT as well, he couldn’t check the alignment. There is plenty of room for guess work. For an explanation of the adjustment procedure, see the illustration and text below.

There are many ways “Solver” can be used to enhance and expand the capabilities of complex spreadsheets.

Aligning cartridge using Baerwald protractor

Everything looks aligned according to the protractors, but it sounds like mud. Home is where my turntable is and everyone should have a two point protractor. TerrySJan 29, Other types of measuring devices exist but the reader will need to discover these. Yes, my password is: Phil Elliott likes this. Using the VPI jig I only have to deal with the one alignment grid much easier than the 2 point protractors.

Baerwald alignments result in longer overhang values. Do you already have an account?

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