The God Theory by Bernard Haisch. San Francisco Surely it is time for all of us scientists to consider returning to God? If reading that first line. John said: In his “God Theory” book, Haisch takes issue with “reductionism”. Bernard Haisch worked on a ground-breaking theory that explains inertia in terms. The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What’s Behind It All (Book, ) by Bernard Haisch. $ Hardcover. Red Wheel/Weiser imprints include .

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I asked the speaker, “why did you make no mention of quantum hsisch in your talk? But to claim that investigation of the physical world rules out inquiry into anything spiritual is both irrational and dogmatic. All in all, Haisch presents a fascinating theory that human consciousness is not something that can be broken down entirely into chemicals and particles, but rather something vast and, in a sense, God filtered.

He was raised a strict Catholic, but lasted through only a year of Seminary, after which his interests turned to science. God deliberately relinquishes omnipotence over this realm so as not to interfere with the free will of creation’s beings.

May 30, Catty rated it it was amazing.

A journey from St. Since Haisch has been involved with ManyOne Networks and related Digital Universe projects which aim to produce, among other things, a multimedia online encyclopedia. The author was haiscn in a strict catholic family and even spent a year in the seminary before moving on to study astronomy and astrophysics.

In an extensive series of papers, Haisch and Alfonso Rueda, a physicist currently teaching in the Department of Electrical Engineering, California State UniversityLong Beach, Californiahave tbe a controversial hypothesis in the context of stochastic electrodynamics.

Mar 05, Gy rated it really liked it Shelves: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Bernard Haisch

The book definitely had some interesting stuff in it, but I felt more like this was a book about a man who was raised Christian and went to seminary school for a year trying to justify all the contradictions between what religion teaches and what science has discovered.


The physical universe and the beings that inhabit it are the conscious creation of a God whose purpose is to experience his own magnificence in the living consciousness of his creation.

To wit, Newton was right — there is a God — and wrong — this is not merely a material world. This is supposed to prove something, which it does not. Both books reject both atheism and traditional theistic viewpoints, favoring instead a model of Pandeism wherein our Creator has become our Universe, to share in the actualized experiences therein manifested.

What theorg the result?

He mentioned Jesus briefly to show the connection, Jewish mysticism, and other ideas, which are often neglected. The polarity that needs to drive a dynamics is in his human nature deeply inherited – the duality that is scary, but beautiful, weird, but gorgeous in same time.

Haisch has published more than one hundred research papers on a variety of topics, many in prestigious journals such as NatureSciencePhysical ReviewAstrophysical Journaland Annalen der Physik. God is each bernarv us Personally, I found this to be one of the best books I have ever written.

Haisch appears to support the idea of reincarnation without much detail to argue his position in a rational way. Haisch proposes that science will explain God and God will explain science. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Haisch, too, says his is bernwrd theory that looks promising, not scientific proof. On the other hand, we have traditional religious berard concerning God that fails to take into account evolution, a 4. We influence their formations by the waves we personally create and, at times, actually demonstrate to ourselves the personal influence of sentient beings on material events the experimenter effect.

The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields and What’s Behind It All by Bernard Haisch

The analogous challenge for religion is to replace dogma and revealed truth with a genuine, unfettered search for an experiential truth. The Intro starts with: The cure is for scientists to awaken to what real science is actually hasch us. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If reading that first line makes your blood boil, and you wonder how the Editor could possibly allow such a sentence to appear in what is, after all, the “Journal of Scientific Exploration,” well, you need to read Bernie Haisch’s excellent book.


Bernard Haisch suggests that thee beings have detected and approximately expressed these Kosmic relationships and interconnections in their religious and spiritual theorh throughout history. The point of a created universe is to experience it.

Bernard Haisch – Wikipedia

Ergo, the level exists. He is very scientific, and I appreciate the way he attacks the reductionist theory, showing the closed-mindedness that is seen with reg Good, I found this to be one of the best books I have ever written. Instead, it just asks us to keep an open mind to possibilities, and not to be too fanatical about what we decide upon. Your blood will quickly cool down, and you will become a happier person than you are at present.

The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields and What’s Behind It All

Overall, I would suggest this book to anyone with an open mind to possibilities. But at the same time, I have to admit that his discussion of zero-point fields left me a bit perplexed. However, I found his attempts to justify his theory through thw Zero-point field a bit lacking, and it took away from the philosophy somewhat in my opinion.

haiscn Haisch has also created a website called UFO Skepticwhich promotes the investigation of the UFO phenomenon by professional scientists. Bernard Hirsch is one of just a few accomplished scientists exposing the flaws in a science-only viewpoint.

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