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There are two types of concrete used to construct different structures in this project site were plain concrete and reinforced concrete.

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When I reach the site, setting out and site clearance of the auditorium building finished. This includes natural stone, wood, bricks and mock stone bricks but for this project case natural stone was used. However it appears to run successfully in non-Amstrad environments, such as the virtual machine used to make these screenshots.

Mix concrete with water. That procedure was continued until the specified depth reached. To mix on byi of concrete the mixer should be washed after operation. Controlling construction materials starting from the time it is taken out of store up to the time it is implemented on the work.

Cashiers may also issue cash refunds and credit slips to customers or cash checks for customers and employees. The main activates worked in this month were bggi floor column construction, grade beam and scaffold erection.

Site Bi has the big functions at construction site Companies in almost all industries have site clerks to perform ordinary, mundane tasks that are essential for the continuation of the organizations work progress effectively. Center the stone in the concrete and press down.


Quantity take off sheet was required both office information of drawings and site record data to carry out the assignment each works done at site and to compare it with the true field work according to the contracted agreed documents in the project.

She sorts them, forwards them and responds to them, if possible. To read the ink used for a pixel, code like this can be used: For concrete to develop strength, the chemical reactions need to proceed continuously. In these two months my primary task was preparing tack off sheet and controlling the site materials used for each tasks, by taking orders from the quantity surveyor.

Therefore all the concerned bodies should be coordinate together and more think on such programs are good in my perspective. Concrete making materials ingredients Concrete is produced from the mixing big ingredients which are cement, sand, aggregate, water. Machine back filler is a machine roller which back fills from the selective back fill material to the excavated holes.


These tasks include typing, answering phones, filing and running every day jobs or errands. Use a hammer to remove nails from the stakes holding the forms in place. Log In Sign Up. The specimen should be fully submerged under water.

Reference SNP (refSNP) Cluster Report: rs

Having a process implemented at the beginning of the project will help define the goals as well as provide a continuous measurement system over time to make sure the objectives are being met. Excavation and earth works Earth work is the process of bgk of earth crus to reduce for the desired purpose Before any construction begin the area to be bgii measurements, clearing of the site and setting out work are done by decide the place to pile up the suitable excavated material and considering working space outside the building perimeter during setting out.


Using the mix ratio and the same depth, different concrete grades which was 1: On a stock PC, only the ‘Utilities’ submenu is populated. Plan concrete it is c-5 concrete or lean for vgi project case is a homogeneous mixture of coarse aggregate, sand and hydrated cement without reinforcement bar used during construction.

If Counterpoint is left idle, a screensaver kicks in, with a clock that moves around the desktop. The main function of cart away was to minimize the over load of the site over all from the embankment of excavations dug out soils for footings, bulked, site clearance, trench. Contractor name Rediete Dagim Engineering and Construction plc.

Make sure all stones are level. According to the auditorium building project progress the following building components were done at the north of west side of the building. Top up the con until it overflows. Most of the time I was watching the procedure for every works in the site, which briefly described below in the next in addition to the theoretical knowledge I have grasped in the school of my study.

She also greets customers and answers any questions they may have. Fig11 needle vibrator for concrete used to compaction 3.

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