This site gathers text and translation of certain texts relating to the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha, the code of discipline for Buddhist nuns. It was undertaken as part of . Interest, purity, the suitable time, the number of bhikkhunis and the advice. The four features to be suitable. The day of the full moon, all the. The Bhikkhuni Vibhanga contains the explication and analysis of that 40%, to create a comprehensive Bhikkhuni Patimokkha vocabulary, as well as a new.

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The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha of the Six Schools

Where the brackets follow the number of the bhikkhuni rule and simply buikkhuni a number, the corresponding bhikkhus’ rule is in the same section in the Bhikkhu Patimokkha as in the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha.

Should any bhikkhuni have the hair in the ” ti. The bhikkhuni order was established five years after the bhikkhu order of monks at the request of a group of women whose spokesperson was Mahapajapati Gotamithe aunt who raised Gautama Buddha after his mother died. Buddhism is unique among Indian religions in that the Buddha as founder of a spiritual tradition explicitly states in canonical literature that a woman is as capable of nirvana as men and can fully attain all patimookkha stages of enlightenment.

But they are not granted official endorsement or the educational support offered to monks. She knows, she speaks for us, and that is pleasing to us,” other bhikkhunis are to admonish them thus: The Blessed One would not say anything like that. I will not eat alms food taking mouthfuls from a heap: This condition also applies to NP 9 and NP Should any bhikkhuni give Acceptance to a probationer who has not trained for two years in the six precepts and who has not received authorization from the Community, it is to be confessed.

Should any bhikkhuni who is not ill, seeking to warm herself, kindle a fire or bhikkhnui one kindled — unless there is a suitable reason — it is to bhkkhuni confessed. The Monastery Chapter These will be referenced together with the monastic code texts of bhilkhuni that have already passed out of active Buddhist monastic communal use but from which much which is of value from our Buddhist heritage can still be gleaned and understood.


Should any bhikkhu knowingly and by arrangement travel together with a caravan of thieves, even for the interval between one village and the next, it is to be confessed.

The two women were reportedly arrested and jailed briefly.


Should any bhikkhuni knowingly divert to herself gains that patimokkha been intended for a Community, they are to be forfeited and confessed. Should any bhikkhuni give Acceptance to a probationer without getting permission from her parents or her husband, it is to be confessed.

Having accepted the two-or-three bowlfuls and having taken them from there, he is to share them among the bhikkhus. In Buddhism, however, the highest vows, namely the bhikshu and bhikshuni ones, are equal and entail the same rights. Should any bhikkhuni lie down in the same lodging with a man, it is to be confessed.

The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha

Also, the eight Patidesaniya rules for the bhikkhunis are elaborations of a single Bhikkhus’ Pacittiya rule. In Burmathe governing council of Burmese Buddhism has ruled that there can be no valid ordination of women in modern times, though some Burmese monks disagree.

Should any bhikkhuni report another bhikkhuni’s gross offense to an unordained person — unless authorized by the bhikkhunis — it is to be confessed. There are singular accounts of fully ordained Tibetan women, such as the Samding Dorje Phagmowho was once ranked the highest female master in Tibet, but very little is known about the exact circumstances of their ordination.

I will not accept a water vessel with a hand soiled by food: Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron had suggested the name, as Sravasti patimomkha the place in India where comes from the fact that, the Buddha spent 25 rains retreats varsa in Sanskrit and yarne in Tibetanand communities of both nuns and monks had resided there.


Retrieved 6 December Should any patimookha give Acceptance to a probationer by means bhjkkhuni left-over giving of consent, it is to be confessed.

May what is yours not be lost. Should any bhikkhuni, having had one thing bought, then send it back and have another thing bought, it is to be forfeited and confessed. Should any bhikkhuni pick up pqtimokkha have someone pick up a valuable or what is considered a valuable, except within a monastery or within a dwelling, it is to be confessed.

The Vinaya does not allow for any power-based relationship between the monks and nuns. Should any bhikkhuni go to see dancing or singing or instrument-playing, it is to be confessed. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

BhikkhunÄ« – Wikipedia

I will receive alms food appreciatively: Retrieved 6 May If he should stay longer than that, it is to be confessed. However, the German monk Bhikkhu Analayowho was a presenter at the International Congress on Buddhist Women’s Role in the Sangha [56]has argued that it is possible for bhikkhus alone to ordain bhikkhunis if necessary. Should any bhikkhuni give Acceptance when she has less than twelve years seniorityit is to be confessed.

What was mine is still mine. According to the Summary Report as well as according to the other texts available from the congress there has not been a discussion on how and which of the eight gurudharmas discriminate against Buddhist nuns and how this can be changed in detail in the process of re-establishing the Patiokkha bhikshuni ordination.

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