V2 Users Manual Feb Short Hand for this Manual – life will be Overview of the RangThe Boomerang Phrase Sampler is essentially a. Phrase Sampler. User’s Manual. Version 1. Boomerang Musical Products. PO Box Dallas, TX Phrase Sampler. User’s Manual. Boomerang Musical Products PO Box Dallas, TX

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There are 7 selectable decay rates. WarrantyBoomerang Musical Products, Boomerang. Both record and play will be brightly lit, alongwith reverse, to denote this unique mode.

If the Rang reaches the end ofavailable memory during recording, all LED’s will turn on brightly; then you have twooptions. Biomerang loop willsmoothly fade into oblivion if the decay is set to something other than no decay. On the original the decay rate was fixed at about 2. These controls should be set so that only occasionalflickering of clip occurs when your highest levels are input.

Boomerang Phrase Sampler Features

Setting LevelsThe incoming signal is passed through the unit unaltered. The Boomerang is extremely easy to use. This warranty is void if the unit has been abused in any way dropped, exposedto moisture, etc. Playback tempo is slowed similarly to the current software. boomegang

In short, it records what you play and throws it back at you boomrrang you stop it from playing by hitting the stop button or using a decay.


Programming Modes There are two program modes where parameters can be changed. To make this easier to read I’m going to use some conventions. If you’ve noticed this problem, it can be fixed by replacing one of the s with a op amp.

Pressing it while once is on will immediatelyrestart the loop.

The following words referto the 5 gray buttons: Boomerang Phrase Sampler 2. It is usually best to define a relatively short loop for this purpose so youare playing just a little ahead of the accompaniment, so chord changes can be anticipated.

On another note, the recording time or loop storage is amazing at over 4 minutes depending on the sample rate. This was my first review of a product and I hope someone got some benefit out of this who was thinking about getting this very very very fine tool my opinion anyway Description of what’s being reviewed: This is because I plugged the guitar into the ‘Rang and the ‘Rang into the amp.

The two loops aredifferent. And finally, there will be a sliding scale for the price of the 2. More Pictures of the ‘Rang!!!! Repeated presses boomernag a stutter effect sort of like record scratching.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

Record the portion of thesong you want to work on. Own experience of what’s being reviewed: One mode, called AB1, smoothly transitions to loop B, plays it once, then goes back to playing loop A, all with one button press. Retrieved from ” http: If the Rang is connected to a small mixing console, different instruments and voices canbe added to the mix.


This will drop the part an octave if selectedso it’ll boomerag in the same key. To changea parameter, 1 enter program mode, 2 make changes then 3 exit program mode.

Boomerang Phrase Sampler 2.0 Features

All programmable buttons work this way. Just create a loop in the appropriate playing style and let it rip while you put yourinstrument down and concentrate on tweaking!

Some folks didn’t want to worry about hitting it while adjusting the foot roller. I can honestly say that if my ‘Rang got lost, stolen, broke, whatever This is the way to play a reverse lead live on stage. The buttons are made of plastic but Sampoer have never had any issues with it.

If you have a 1Mbyte Rang, this is a good time to upgrade the memory to 4Mbytes as the increased sample rate of the new software will reduce the normal speed record time to 21 seconds. Older units have an additional part that needs to be changed. These ports allow youto make these connections and have your instrument connected to your Rang and amp atthe same time. In particular, the order of button presses alters some of thefunctions, and a brief read through the descriptions may save you some time.

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