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La existencia de displasias dentales, es decir, procesos malformativos del tejido dental, pueden asociarse a cambios en el aspecto externo de los dientes y por lo tanto en el color.

Visual and spectrophotometric shade analisys of human teeth. Visualizing the natural dentition.

Aunque el aspecto externo es muy variado, es frecuente que adquiera un color amarillo Fig. The esthetics of anterior tooth aging. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy.


Oral findings in osteogenesis imperfecta. The use of polymethacrylate to compare the adsoprtion of staining reactions of some cationic antiseptics. Quintessence Int ; Manchas de Tetraciclina Grado I. Influence of window size in small-window colour measurement, particularly of teeth.

calcificaciones pulpares pdf

Oper Dent ; Se ha expuesto como el observador es un factor muy importante y variable y como podemos disminuir la subjetividad del mismo. Green pigmentation of deciduous teeth: Carbanide peroxide bleaching of teeth with dentinogenesis imperfecta discoloration: The interior of a tooth, the endodontium, is to a large extent hidden from direct inspection by the operator. Dental discolorations and side effects with iron and placebo tablets.

Salivary proteins interact with dietary constituents to modulate tooth staining.

calcificaciones pulpares pdf

Am J Dent calcificacions Use of toothpicks for chlorhexidine staining. Influence of food-simulating solutions and surface finis on susceptibility to staining of aesthetic restorative materials.

Tratamiento de las displasias: This abstract may be abridged. It is hoped that this information will be helpful in the daily practice of endodontics.

  AFMAN 24-204 PDF

Med J Austr; 1: En este trabajo, clasificaremos los distintos cuadros en dos grandes grupos: J Dent Res ; Anatomical from defines color: Bilirubin pigmentation of human teeth caused by hyperbilirubinemia. Procesos pulpares y traumatismos.

Dolor dental y pulpar comenzar el proceso

Materia alba y sarro. Tetracycline discoloration, enamel defects and dental caries in patient with cystic fibrosis. Affect calcificafiones dentifrices on tooth stains with controlled brushimg. Assessment of apparence match by visual observation and clinical colorimetry. J Esthet Dent ; A diferencia de los dientes normales, estos dientes adquieren un color amarillo brillante cuando se les ilumina con una luz ultravioleta

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