Canatal International Inc. color of the panels shall be Canatal standard off-white. The cabinet is . The resident protocol shall be MODBUS RTU. Electric Schematic – RS ModBus RTU Connection,. M52ES Serial Communication Link. Electric Schematic – Embedded Connection,. M52ES Modbus RTU; Modbus Jbus; Modbus Daniels; Modbus MB+; Modbus ASCII Alerton; Andover Controls; Barber Coleman; Barrington Microstar; Canatal.

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Three sizes are available: Each damper is operated by plug-in damper motors. This device calls up to three phone numbers if the temperature gets too low, too high, or the power goes out. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

With top water connections and a minute 9. It achieves percent thermal efficiency at full fire and up to percent part load.

The controller gives engineers and balancing canatql increased control over temperatures, as well as reduced noise in the system and simplified balancing, commissioning, and maintenance procedures. According to the manufacturer, the Venturi tubes modnus been mated with a variety of components: It removes up to pints of moisture per day and is typically sized for up to 3, sq.

Heat Transfer Products www. An optional hot water generator allows the units to preheat water in the water heater to save money.

It is field programmable to maintain a constant airflow while using only the amount of energy needed. The gasket is mechanically attached to the fitting with a degree hemmed edge. It allows for up to eight zones and includes benefits such as long piping, SEER rated, flare connections, percent capacity, group remote, etc.


The ecobee EMS is designed to be easy to use, reduce operating costs, and deliver increased energy conservation. The stepped collar design accommodates 6, 7, 8-inch square or 4, 5 and 6-inch round ducts.

SlotServer,CLX, Rockwell, PROSOFT Technology

Designed to perform control sequences and building management routines from an array of ,odbus platforms, canata can communicate utilizing drivers such as BACnet, MODbus, and PUP. The units feature singlecapacity scroll compressors paired with five-speed X13 electronically commutated motor blower motors or optional three-speed permanent split capacitor motors. According to the manufacturer, up to 80 percent reduction in installation time is possible.

Coil Products Diversitech www. The installer need only cut a hole in the ceiling, attach the Model MV to ductwork with the included Tyton strap, and tighten four screws. They come in three colors — silver, pink, and green.

Spartan Peripheral Devices www. It has a speed range movbus 1, rpm. All models are multi-positional; primary and secondary drain connections can be made on either the right or left side.

The fittings require the use of a simple chamfering tool, a pair of WIPEX Sleeve Pliers, and a wrench to create solid, strong connections in minutes.

Driver List

Links the Vision Technology Ltd. The vacuum pump head snaps in place and comes with one bucket, a 2-inch by 2-foot flexible hose that extends to 6 feet. It canatl pure, clean, sterile steam humidification and has automatic fill and drain cycles. The units are available in 13 and 14 SEER efficiencies and come with a year parts warranty and a year compressor warranty.


One control panel cwnatal control up to six Model 39E or up to four Model canatql air curtains. It provides higher COP factor under partial-load conditions and operation at a higher evaporation temperature with the same refrigeration capacity. Provides third-party systems with a simple terminal object gateway to North’s Extensible Object Model. All are between It can be packaged with cooling modules and is suitable for continuous operation.

The company also launched Thinking Buildings Universe, a Website that offers contractors and engineers a complete range of information and tools on commercial pumps to help make their building projects come together more smoothly.

In addition, the EcoFlow is equally applicable in systems ranging between 1- and 7-tons capacity. The unit, designed for Variable-speed residential air conditioning applications, offers load matching from to 4, rpm, using a newly designed IPM cajatal. One provides current utility rate energy pricing information, and the other displays traditional thermostat read-out information.

The small physical size allows it several mounting options and provides an independent blower for each air stream. It manages up to controllers and can be connected with MODbus or Carel communication protocols. The manual mode option feature is available where the outdoor sensor cannot be installed, or when protecting valuable interior items like artwork, musical instruments, wood floors, cabinetry, and ornate crown moldings.

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