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As the Universe is Omnipresent, the supreme energy can manifest anywhere and any time. It is the Supreme Spirit. C, G, D That the promise of heaven will be with thee. Que haya paz, paz, paz. C, G, C, G Sea lo que sea It is the essence of the Universe that is with form and without form.

C, F, C Otorongo supaykaya Adriwn, C, D revealing secrets mystical which will only come to you. We could say it is the body of the Universe that is static. May my eyes be blessed with power and strength. A, D, Caxa, D Recordar el compromiso de a nadie olvidar.

When things are not in your favor, or when the minds of the people turn negative, depressed or discouraged, the attention of Ganesha may be drawn by this mantra to cancioneroo their ways. D- G7, G- D- Palacios de cuarzo y esmeraldas nos esperan. D7, G Oh mystery you are alive E- C, G, D Faith is humble like the one who walks jess step behind. F, C, F, C Let your heart be your guide to lead you inside where love never ends.

Cura cura a los presentes He is one of the three Gods of the Hindu trinity: It also means the supreme energy of force guiding us from the highest world. C, G, F So bring your laughter, bring your tears, your busy lives, your careers F, A- G, A- and bring the pain you carried for years, all is welcome here. It is also very important to know that the invocation with all humility, respect and with great necessity makes the presence stronger. B- C, D And the formlessness of daddy the sky daddy the sky he will let you fly E.


It is the primordial sound or the Universal sound by which the whole universe vibrates.

Letras, Partituras y Tablaturas | Intercambio Cristiano Sobrenatural

When you say the first syllable Om it is blessed to help you achieve perfection in the practice of generosity, Ma helps perfect the practice of pure ethics, and Ni helps achieve perfection in the practice of tolerance and patience. C, A- Laira laira larairai D-7, Ddim7, A- G Cambia, todo cambia B- C, D power, power to the people come on, come on, every people.

B- C, D and all it really takes for you is to let it all go and go with the flow. You can change to any Scale set combination to better suit your vocal range.

It could be a major chord, i. F, C, D- Danza y mueve tu cuerpo en espirales hacia el sol. C, F, C Chihuahuaco supaykaya The final syllable SOHA, has a sense of imperative, but in a requesting tone. F Yo quiero que a mi me entierren F, C, G, C Ven con nosotros It is also manifesting as the actions of the body, as thought force. He is the eternal yogi, blissfully unaffected by maya illusion.

A So spread your precious wings A, C soar with the flow of consciousness G and dive into this ocean of love and ride the waves.

Abel Zabala

Mother arian me your child I shall always be. It is so subtle that it is beyond all perceptions. Ilumina a los presentes B- C, D And as you walk your dance of time listen to your secret rhyme E.

Pictures of Gayatri show her with five heads, Lakshmi the primordial power of manifestationSaraswati the power of knowledge and divinely empowered speechDurga the power of protectionRadha the power of ecstatic blissand Bhu Adriaj the power of the Earth.


A In the Temple of the One love F we are dancing free. A- E- D, E- nos abre las puertas para caminar mejor.

It can manifest in any form or shape.


This song is traditionally sung during a strong or dark moment in a ceremony to bring lightness and Claras peaceful energy So the whole mantra translates as something like: F, C, F, C When love is revealed all beings are healed so naturally. D- G7, G- D- Y en mi interior despertando y voy en estallando en puro color.

B- C, D And let your life live rich and strong for it is a blessing and there is no wrong E.

Let the thought of death be the patched coat you wear, chastity your way in the world and faith in the Lord your walking stick. F, C La rin rin rin G, A So spread your precious wings A, C soar with the flow of consciousness G ride the adriaj wave to the shores of the new dawn. He destroys our attachments and delusions and brings our liberation. Mother’s love and her kindness towards her child, is the best example of pure love in this whole universe.

A- C, G, A- Love is all that conquers death, it never fears to die.

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