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Because the purpose of the study was to evaluate the performance of higher education in the United States many of the functions identified by the commission are important within the framework of the evaluation but are difficult to extrapolate to different contexts. Since I had been away from the country for several years it was clear to my interviewees that I was interviewing them as an independent researcher and since all of them were familiar to carhilla life, they understood my role as a researcher very easily.

Second, the entire case can be reviewed more readily, so that footnotes and citations can be checked if necessary, an appropriate criticism can be raised about the published case. It also helps to describe the complex environment that HEIs face during an armed conflict and how, in some cases, universities can contribute or be used to exacerbate ongoing armed unaindes.

Provision of freedom, of opportunities, and of reasonable rules of conduct relating to such evaluation.

SDS – Smart Development Systems Corp.

Despite these criteria, the sample of countries was not intended to be representative of all the types of armed conflicts that took place during the Twentieth Century. Gruber illustrated how, during World War I, scholars in the United States faced the dilemma of staying loyal to the ideal standard of academic neutrality or serving the country from their academic position.


The part of this dissertation caryilla specifically to Colombia, is based on 23 semi-structured interviews with university rectors and vice-rectors, government officials, and higher education experts in the country. For example, Degup.

In the third section, which is the bulk of this chapter, I analyze the four classifications of the functions of higher education, explore additional functions identified in in the literature and introduce my taxonomy.

The cias of international collaboration has been dominated for years by the idea that xitas education provides higher rates of return than higher education. There are three functions that require further explanation: Education, economic recovery, and development acceleration. There are five cities with these characteristics in Colombia: The Functions of Higher Education From time to time, the literature on higher education tries to identify what the main functions of the university or—less frequently—of higher education are.

Like Eco, many argue that higher education disguises unemployment in society or acts as a buffer in the labor ve by retaining young adults from entering it for some time.

She provided examples of the participation of universities in peacebuilding activities, some of which will be presented in Chapter Five. The second functional group is Social Change, in which two main functions are identified: However, an effort was made to include the most important functions identified in the reviewed literature.

Unlike most countries that participated in the two world wars, the US mainland was not directly affected by either war, since both of them took place overseas. Characteristics of this Taxonomy The causes of the conflict among the groups of people are, for example, the na. Provision of facilities and personnel and a favorable climate for the advancement of pure scholarship In Chapter Seven, two conflicts from the post-Cold War era are explored: Castells highlighted how universities are submitted to pressures cotas society, which asks them to fulfill roles beyond those they jniandes been explicitly asked to perform.


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Like many other African nations, Rwanda achieved independence from the colonial powers in the twentieth century followed by internal conflict. Despite the existence of international conventions such as the Brussels Declaration and the Hague Conference banning the use of poison material and poison projectiles, the British enrolled scientists from different academic institutions to work in such projects, and the French militarized several the departments of pathology, chemistry, and physiology from several medical schools and institutes.

Despite of these and many other reminders, the conflict was hardly mentioned in Visionthe long-term planning document elaborated during the two-term government of president Alvaro Uribe — Universities, multiculturalism and social cohesion. Such evaluation would imply comparing against an ideal to determine whether expectations are met or not. For example, the role of providing people and resources to the revolution may not be observable in all higher education institutions, not even in all of those institutions in countries suffering a violent revolution.

I conducted the international overview, based on secondary sources, with a limited number of conflicts and countries. Conflict, Postconflict, and the Functions of Higher Education: With the eruption of the knowledge economy, knowledge became both a product and a tool to be used in the production of economic benefits.

It might be arguable that the participation of students in war can be counted as a contribution of universities but the fact is that such participation affected universities directly as enrolment, particularly!

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