Census Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Reference Maps – Illinois. The total number of map sheets is listed next to each entity name. The version of Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) is the lowest level of PUMA can be downloaded from the Census Bureau’s Reference Map. The version of Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) is the lowest level of geography identified in the census 5% sample and the For example, in the 3-year ACS sample, PUMA codes are reported for State, PUMA and Super-PUMA Maps, Detailed contents of PUMAs and super-PUMAs.

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Where population constraints permit, they should not cross metropolitan area boundaries. Ignore the rest of the options.

2000 PUMAs and Super-PUMAs

Having such locally assigned descriptive names makes these entities much more valuable as summary units in reports for users who have not memorized the PUMA codes. PUMAs allow the Census to publish census data for sub-state areas throughout every state. Download a table from American Factfinder.

Only seven of the 55 counties of West Virginia were large enough to receive estimates from the ACS. PUMAs that represent portions of a large county will have the same first 3 digits with the last 2 digits being assigned as “01”, “02”, etc. The differences are not just in the specific geographic boundaries, but in the guidelines used to create them as well.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first “alloc factor” column has a value of 0. A little over 25 percent of counties have populations of 65, or more. On occasion, there can also be discrepancies between the actual county vacancy rates and the PUMA to County rates. The Census Bureau did not publish any summary data for these units based on the census. The state governments drew PUMA boundaries for the Censusto allow reporting of detailed data for all areas.


The user has to decide whether to use the known value when available e. Choose Colorado as the state to process. Prior to there were actually two kinds of PUMAs: Notice all the gray splotches and the lack of identifiable county outlines.

Because they are required to have a minimum population of , all PUMA areas exceed the 65, population threshold, thus insuring that there will be single-year ACS data for them published each year. In less populated rural areas, PUMAs are typically comprised of smaller population-wise contiguous counties. Census county division Minor civil division Traffic analysis zone Voting district.

In this particular example, data are forlimited to California, and were based on Detailed Table B These are NOT what we are describing here, although they are related. Super PUMAs are being done away with starting with the definitions. Why would you care or ever need to know this?

Michigan Population Studies Center. PUMAs were first created for the Census. For example, the ACS publishes detailed data every year, but due to their sampling procedure only publishes data for census area that have more than 65, People.

The 3-digit geographic summary level code for a PUMA is A reference information section provides general links to various related documents and sites. The left out counties are concentrated in the Great Plains, although all but 5 states and the District of Columbia have at least one county that is dependent on 5-year data. Retrieved 23 October This will not make a very nice thematic map, although it would allow one to publish annual characteristics.

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Census Bureau Office of Management and Budget. The last column, county to puma12 alloc factor, is the allocation factor going the other way. In your browser pumx page will be generated summarizing the results and providing hyperlinks to the two output Files. These labels have been quite useful for reports that display data at the PUMA level. See more detailed discussion, below. For instance, Nevada County has a vacancy rate of Congressional district County list Alaska census area Independent city Municipio Place Census-designated Public use microdata area School district lists State legislative district Urban growth area.


Typically, larger measured in land area micgodata more rural PUMAs have codes that end with “00”.

Creating County-Level Statistics from Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAS)

In addition, sometimes items are not available in the tabular data. PUMAs may not cross state boundaries.

You’ll get an excellent overview map of the state, clearly displaying the PUMA boundaries on a based map that shows county boundaries and major towns. This means that our report will not only show us what portion of the PUMA population resided in the county inbut also what portion of the county population resided within the PUMA.

They mictodata similar to census tracts in this regard. Our purpose here is to describe these entities and refer you to resources that will help you to understand and use them. This collection of pages summarize the criteria that was used in mictodata these entities and contains links to pages with more detail.

However, it would be possible to aggregate data at the census tract level to create such summaries. United States Census Bureau geography. The five-year data have no population limits, but it is also not very timely.

Two of the more important changes are:

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