“xmgrace” is a useful plotting package available with the linux operating system. “convert” is a generally useful linux command to change formats, e.g. you can. I want to save graph in jpeg format plotted using xmgrace software but there is no 2. in linux simply type “convert ” xx => format of your. I don’t think here is a direct export to pdf in xmgrace. You should print the file e.g. as postscript (File/Print_setup/Device and then File/Print), and convert it with.

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Several of comma separated nonkeyword arguments or as list. If reading in block data, create the sets with the “-bxy” option.

congert This popup also give you a quick access to several graph and set selectors if you want to perform some other operation like hiding a graph or creating a new set from block data. In this example, we don’t want to alter the x-axis of graph 1.

Grace User’s Guide (for Grace-5.1.22)

If the read was successful, a window should pop up asking you to create a set from the block data. Label the x axis as well. Several calendar date formats are recognized automatically and you can specify your own reference for numeric date formats. In referring to what item to select, the tutorial will use something of the form snaf: Another entry in this menu lets you add a row; the place of the new row is determined by the row containing a cell with the keyboard focus on.

Notice that for fonts having an encoding scheme in themselves such as the Symbol font, and many nationalized fonts the default encoding is ignored. If there is a space in the menu item, it will be replaced by an underscore. In cases where graph frames overlap, clicking will cycle among the overlapping graphs. The graph appearance popup can be displayed from both the plot menu and by double-clicking on a legend, title, or subtitle of a graph see Clicks and double clicks.


We need to create simply by pressing mouse button 3 in a graph list window and vonvert create new. Hence, functions in Grace are basically unlimited. Finally, the legend entry of the curve itself can be used to produce the x value.

Often we only wish to examine part of a coonvert set or perform transformations only on a portion of one. Grace permits quite complex typesetting on a per string basis. Make sure that graph 0 has the focus when you hit accept.

The rule is that in a region of overlay, clicking will cycle xmgrcae the graphs. The option “-pexec” will execute the next argument as if it had read it from a parameter file or excuted on the command line.

Grace Tutorials

Select the feature you are interested in. As an example, S1. All the classical mathematical functions are available cos, sin, but also lgamma, j1, erf, Write a text string. You can change fonts and select characters from there, they will be copied back in the text field when you press the “Accept” button.

The first type is regression or linear fitting where optimization is done on a linear equation or an equation which can be expressed in a linear form. So where is the new set? The differences popup is used to compute approximations of the first derivative of a function with finite differences. The original set will be overwritten. Start the GUI version: The back slashes are needed to escape the quotation marks so that Grace really received the command: You can use any expression understood by the interpreter see command interpreter.

Set any autoscaling options. When multiple graphs are present, a graph is selected by clicking inside the graph frame. This tutorial was prepared on a Linux machine with kernel 2. Variable Description datacolumn data column of current “active” set set. More parameters and more difficult functions may require more steps in which case you may choose to run 20 or or more steps.


The popup allows you to select a source one set within one graph and a destination and perform some action upon them copy, move, swap. The shell command to run an HTML viewer for on-line browsing of the help documents.

This popup can be used to compute autocorrelation of one set or cross correlation between two sets. Grace tries its best to compensate for the differences, but sometimes you may have to adjust such graphs xmgrac.

Plotting in XmGrace — jscatter documentation

If you don’t want the regular layout this arrangement gives you, you can change it afterwards using the mouse select a graph and double click on the focus marker, see clicks and double clicks. Choosing to load the function is almost similar to load the fitted values except that you choose yourself the boundaries and the number of points.

It is called interpolation which interpolates xmgrcae set over the domain of another set to produce a new curve. The parser commands analogous to the Data Data set operations dialogue can be found in table Set operations. Tick object or list, False True List of [major tick distanceminorticks number,majorsize,minorsize,position] position: Arithmetic, logical, and comparison operators are given in tables below.

The current list of supported devices is:. Created using Sphinx 1. We are now ready to label the graph axes and read the data. The true power in named pipes lies in driving Grace using another program. If something goes wrong, try to see if the comvert has been described already in the Grace FAQ in the doc directory. Choose index for now.

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