Title, EKG – jasno i zrozumiale. Author, Andrew R. Houghton. Editor, Waldemar Banasiak. Translated by, Maria Jakubowska-Najnigier, Katarzyna. Pocket ECGs for Nurses · Pocket ECGs for Making Sense of the ECG: Cases for Self Assessment, Second Edition · Making Sense of EKG jasno i zrozumiale . EKG – jasno i zrozumiale, National Library of Poland. EKG: przypadki do samodzielnej intepretacji, National Library of Poland. Essentials of physical health in.

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According tohis biography, Karma Lingpa found several hidden texts on top of a mountain in Tibet when he was fifteen years old. The hour hath come to part with this body composed of flesh and blood; May I know the body to be impermanent and illusory. Liberation will be won through simply not disbelieving it upon hearing it.

He falleth down a steep precipice.

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Think notupon evil actions which might turn the course [of thy mind]. I, too, at this time, am setting thee face to face. Avoid awe and terror. Snow, rain, darkness, fierce blasts [of wind], and hallucinations of being pursued by many people likewise will come; [and] sounds as of mountains crumbling down, and of angry overflowing seas, and of the roaring of fire, and of fierce winds springing up.

Similarly here, too, when the bands of blood-drinking deities, huge of proportions, with very thick-set limbs, dawn as big as the 27 skies, awes and terror are naturally produced in one.


All substances are mine own mind; nasno this mind is vacuousness, is unborn, and unceasing. Ye Compassionate Ones, such-and-such a person is passing from this world to the world beyond. At the same time, a dull blue light from the brute world will come to shine along with the Radiances of Wisdom. As for these [i. It is like the reflection of the blemishes on mine own face which I see in a mirror; mine own thoughts must [indeed] be impure.

Reverend Sir, now that thou art experiencing the Fundamental Clear Light, try to srozumiale in that state which now thou art experiencing. Earnestly concentrate thy mind upon thy tutelary deity.

Rozumiecie, do czego zmierzam? Wiesz bo widzisz i czujesz!!!?

Thereby, whatever visions of awe or terrorappear, recognition is certain; and forget not this vital secret art lying therein. Acting not like the brutes in slothfulness, May the blending of the practicing of the sleep [state] and actual [or waking] experience be highly valued [by me].

If it be asked why? If suchcannot be done, then arrange whatever can be gathered together as objects on which thou canst concentrate thy thoughts and mentally create as illimitable an offering as possible and worship.

And thou wilt beget a fondness for thatdull red light zrozumiael the Preta-loka. O nobly-born, all those are the radiancesof thine own intellectual faculties come to shine.

Relacje PR

Jestem jednym z nich, jednym z pierwszych. O nobly-born, listen with full attention, without being distracted: Nie o to pytam. It hath been said thatordinarily the miseries of the Sidpa Bardoare experienced for about twenty-two days; but, because ofthe determining influence of karma, zrlzumiale fixed period is not assured. This is because when they lived the mystic [or esoteric] doctrines were never held within their heart, and because they had spoken contemptuously of them, and because they were never acquainted [through initiation] with the deities of the mystic [or esoteric] doctrines; thus, when these dawn on the Bardo, they do not recognize them.


Oficjalnie przypisano je ko- no m. Bring to thy recollection the mystic name that hath been given thee at the time of thy sacred initiation when thou wert a human being, and the name of thy guru, and tell them to the Righteous King of the Lord[s] of Death.

Catch hold of him with [the hook of] yourgrace. On the zeozumiale hand, even if thou art attached to worldly goods left behind, thou wilt not be able to possess them, and they will be ofno use to thee. Eog is the radiance of thine own true nature. Powszechne zastosowanie melisy, to herba- Stomatologii i Implantologii ta z niej.

The setting-face-to-face atthat time is, calling the deceased by name, thus: As soon as they cease to breathe, they will be led into the pure paradise zrzoumiale by the Heroes zrpzumiale Heroines and the Knowledge-Holders. The manner of application is: As regards the time for the application [of these instructions]:

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