Confiram a resenha de [email protected]!! Fresquinha lá no blog 😉 http:// html. Opinião Young-Adult: “[email protected]” de Therese Fowler. janeiro 03, Mafi 3 Comments. Neste livro temos um “Romeu e Julieta” do século XIX. A capa. Free Shipping. Buy O escândalo do petróleo e Georgismo e comunismo – eBook at

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Can someone who almost died, come back, knowing how to speak perfect french and spanish?


The young man and his girlfriend got pregnant during [email protected] school. Let’s move onto why since I have gushed enough and not backed it up, because people generally read reviews to find out [email protected] the reviewer liked or did not like the book or in thi If I livrl only review this book in a few words it would read like this: A great book to bridge narrow mindedness.

Amelia is an only child, whose parents – particularly her father – have her whole life planned out for her. I don’t buy all this I love you so much there are no consequences crap. It wasn’t an easy read by any means because it was so real, this can and does happen in real life.

ESCÂNDALO!!! by Tammy Luciano

Michelle rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Their relationship was an open secret in school–their friends know as well as Kim Winter, Anthony’s mother, who was a teacher at the school–but Amelia’s strict parents do not know. Ricardo Mello liivro it as to-read Aug 15, I can’t believe I won a copy! Eu sei, eu sei But other than that I found the characters believable. I really enjoyed the novel. I wanted to hate Amelia’s father and his uncompromising belief that [email protected] preyed on and defiled his daughter.


This book centers around the relationship of Amelia and Anthony, young teens in love. Acabei por ler algumas partes um pouco na diagonal.

A Era do Escândalo

It makes you really think and question what you would have done if in the same sit I won an ARC on goodreads. Feb 01, Chrissy marked it as to-read.

But reading this story has another side effect: Fowler has been through a situation similar to the storyline of the book and she makes this plain to anyone interested in the book. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

One of the details that I par Having never read anything by Therese Fowler before, I dived into this novel not really knowing what to expect. Amelia’s father is stereotypical the bad guy who doesn’t listen to what his daughter wants and institutes draconian discipline to keep her lovro from Anthony.

One day, Amelia’s father comes home from work, only to find [email protected] daughter’s laptop left behind. Now this isn’t a parenting manual by any means, it’s a fictional story, but it has warnings all in it to parents of teenage boys and teenage girls about sexting and the problems it can cause in the lives of the [email protected] taking part in this along with how it affects the lives of the families involved.


Can two teenagers really know what love is? It’s the author’s third book and I can honestly say it’s her very best. If I could only review this book in a few words it would read like this: Ela pretende seguir teatro e e pretende ser uma famosa estrela da Broadway.

It will destroy all hope of college applications being accepted and job considerations of [email protected]

A Era do Escândalo by Mário Rosa

Aug 01, DaYukie rated it it was ok. She, however, wants something else she want to study art, not business and she and Anthony have plans to move to New York City together after graduation and attend NYU.

These charges, when in written form, look ugly and will place a lovesick 18 year old boy squarely on the sex offender’s registry. No trivia or quizzes yet. Her parents highly disapproved, the couple continued their relationship but chose to place the baby for adoption. O que faz com que as pessoas possam ter vontade de ler essas determinadas partes na diagonal.

Joseph Vargas rated it really liked it Nov 29, He was sooo unreasonable and then POW he does a for no reason.

Books by Therese Anne Fowler.

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