Evertz MVP, Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Systems. 3 Evertz MPV Multi- Image Display and Monitoring Systems of different configurations and IN and. Product information for Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System MVP® manufactured by Evertz. Provided by AV-iQ. Product information for Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System MVP® manufactured by Evertz. Provided by SPINITAR.

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Duplicate video object with input assigned. Applied Media Technologies Corporation.

Wvertz includes the arrangement of these displays as well as the look of the displays different display icons. Save the current layout to the preset catalogue. Intelligent Lecterns Systems BV.

Download Firmware

Set the color and opacity of text. Copy and paste object combined. View Menu View Go Back: Device Manager Shortcut Keys Setup system configuration, see section below for more details.

Hikvision Digital Technology Co. A maximum of 8 fault messages can be displayed in one object.


Information contained evertzz this manual is periodically updated and changes will be incorporated into subsequent editions. Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup Inc. Sort the ingest source list using selected categories. Set the color of the tally indicator.


Switch from current display to an alternate display. Use of unshielded plugs or cables may cause radiation interference.

Select a display and right click to access the following options: Provides a text field to change the name of the previously created system. Device Manager Shortcut Keys Revision 1. Enhanced Listening Technologies Corp.

Open preset catalog to evert preset. Use edit function to rename sources. Thomas Regout International B.

Evertz MVP, Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Systems

Tools Drop-down Menu Figure If you encounter an error, please notify Evertz Customer Service department. Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. Fit Video Using 4×3 Aspect: Resolution Tab Use the resolution tab to setup the output resolution of the selected display card from the device list.

Digital Clock Figure The Light Evrtz, Inc. Matched descriptions to Maestro v1. This is typically the case evegtz systems where there are only 1 or 2 display cards 1 to 8 displays. Status window that displays ARC data.

Ningbo Soundking Group Co. Option to select more than 1 display, if present in this Window. Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. Analog Clock Object Drag and drop the analog clock from the Object form onto the Design Dvertz, move the clock to appropriate area of display by dragging and dropping or by using the alignment and movement utilities.


Media Press Center Feature articles and recent news. Un-select the current selection. Mobile Video Devices, Inc. Create a template from the selected window that is then stored in the Templates tab of the Object window, and can be reused in future.

System Configuration Window Resolution View Vertiv Emerson Network Power. SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B. From the Objects window, create a new 4: Adjust vertical offset of the active picture on the output, increment line based.

Always use LTC time for time of day reference, the system clock reference is not a valid source of accurate time and can not be used if recalling layouts from DCP or GPI, etc. Setup video route function.

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