The Oracle E-Business Suite products provide many key flexfields as integral parts of the products. This chapter contains tables with basic information for many . 4 Values and Value Sets. 5 Using Additional Flexfield Features. 6 Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite. 7 Standard Request Submission. For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in value sets can affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades.

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Apply your rollup group name to particular values using the Segment Values window. If the displayed length is less than the maximum length, the user must scroll through the segment to see its entire contents.

Your flexfield may show fewer characters of your description than you suife if there is not enough room for it in your flexfield window.

Securing Flexfield Value Sets in EBS | Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog

As time passes, you will find that you need to change your flexfield value set security grants and roles. Steps other than actually creating the grants, such as planning and creating the roles, are the same in both cases.

Do not modify a frozen flexfield definition if existing data could be invalidated. Select your validation type: These are not shown in the Grants page or the wizard. You need not enter each value manually using the Segment Values window.

The value of the field must be in the format of the displayed value for the segment. A descriptive flexfield appears on a form as a single-character, unnamed field enclosed in brackets.

If you are not sure if this patch has been applied, you can determine that within the user interface as follows: Reference fields provide a way for you to tie the context-sensitivity of descriptive flexfield information you capture to existing conditions in your f-business data.

That is, you can define a single report parameter a descriptive flexfield segment to pop open a flexfield, such as the Accounting Flexfield, where your user can enter flexfield segment values as reporting criteria. How often does your organization change? Some flexfields, particularly the Accounting Flexfield, have restrictions on how you can define them.

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Otherwise this field is display only. The maximum size must be no greater than When you are planning your flexfields, you should consider the following questions and their corresponding decisions:. The following diagrams show you different arrangements of segments you could define by choosing different descriptive flexfield setup options. If your segment is not displayed, you should provide a default type and value so that the user does not need to enter a value for this segment.

A valid combination is simply an existing or new combination that can currently be used that is, it is not out of date, is not disabled, and does not violate cross-validation or security rules. The Segment Values window creates this description with the dependent default value it creates whenever you create a new independent value.

Flexfield value security includes logic in the Segment Values form FNDFFMSV form, also known as the Flexfield Values Window that checks that a user is authorized to view, insert, or update including disabling values values for a particular value set.

Compile your frozen flexfield by choosing the Compile button. Because you can only get to the wizard by searching for a specific role or responsibility first, you cannot duplicate an attached grant and then assign it to some other role or responsibility. Select the specific flexfield, parameter, value set name and so on as appropriate for the grant. If your Format Type is Standard Date, your maximum size is Separation of Duties SoD is one of the key concepts of internal controls and is a requirement for many regulations including: The code for a structure is a developer key and is used by loader programs.

Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite

If you define context field values in the Context Field Values block of the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window that do not exist in the context field value set, they will be ignored, even if you have defined context-sensitive segments for them. You must have access to the Key Flexfields Segments form to view the key flexfields ee-business use the value set.


Finally, you can enter the names of the extra columns you want, with their table aliases, in the Additional Columns field.

Enter the parent value to which you want to move child value ranges. Use this flexfieldss to apply flexfield qualifiers to your key flexfield segments. Localization teams determine the data that is held in this flexfield. This may affect your ability to upgrade the system in the future.

Note that you do not define your suit values at this point; rather, you are simply defining the containers for your values.

Here is how you and others can help: Typically, you set up context field values by typing them into the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window individually, and you then set up context-sensitive segments for each context field value. The grant has three basic parts that we assign when we create the grant using the Grants page accessed through the Functional Administrator responsibility. Field The default value is the current value in the field you designate in the Default Value flexfiwlds.

The result of having this role is that if the user has access to the Segment Values form Key Flexfield, Descriptive Flexfield, and Validation on a menu, the user can modify all values for all flexfields and report parameters.

Dynamic insertion can be enabled for a key flexfield in the Register Key Flexfields form, in the E-businesx form, and in the key flexfield definition when defined in a given form. The Accounting Flexfield uses value sets that have a format type of Character, so you should specify your child ranges carefully for those value sets. Profile The default value is the current value of the user profile option you specify here. A concurrent request is submitted for the following changes to value hierarchies: All of these apply for any enhancement to Oracle E-Business Suite.

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