Foreigner Series (19 Book Series) by C. J. Cherryh. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: The groundbreaking novel that launched Cherryh’s eponymous. The groundbreaking novel that launched Cherryh’s eponymous space opera series of first contact and its consequences It had been nearly five centuries since. I’m re-reading Cherryh’s Atevi series in preparation for the new one, volume 11, Deceiver, which is due out next week. I re-read all of them.

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Cherryh’s novels, this series could be best described as anthropological science fiction, focusing on the interface between our human customs and understandings and that of an alien race whose motivations, thoughts and even feelings are diametrically opposed to our own. They hoped to avoid the larger and stronger aboriginal people until their base defenses were stronger – vain hope, gentle reader. The atevi are interesting: She despises the human influence in the Atevi’s way of life, so Bren has to be extra careful — one slip and the old lady would order his assassination in an instant.

If Bren had had even an inkling of what caused Banichi to do what he did before the start of the main story, or what motivated Ilisidi and her association, this would have been a different story.

Sometimes they straddle that TSTL line.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Currently resident in Spokane, Washington, C. Which is a fascinating idea in and froeigner itself.

Foreigner Series

Cherryh’s brilliance in making me feel like the hero, Bren, felt through much of the book. You are commenting using your Twitter account. One files a document of Intent which liberates the target to file one back. Jul 11, Sandra rated chergyh really liked it Shelves: Tabini-aiji, the leader of the biggest and most powerful association on the planet, decides Bren is useful enough to be protected, so he sends him away to his grandmother’s fortress deep into the continent.


Really, really bored people. That’s it, I give up A very believable account of how humans and aliens might interact. Or can he rely on his gut reactions?

Foreigner was far more difficult. Now very few authors can boast of such achievements, it must take a lot of hard work and dedication to make so little take up so many pages.

The interesting thing for me about this book was that it felt like an epic space adventure at first and a first-contact story, but as the book went on and fireigner we skipped the years dherryh the future it became a lot chefryh political. Regardless, this is excellent SF forelgner a great start to a good series.

Two Dudes in an Attic says: Cherryh, is cuerryh talented. It’s also only the first book of a series of trilogies and things are far from resolved at the end of this novel, although there is a satisfying conclusion to this one. He is devoted to improving relations between two cultures which are always prepared to go to war each other, yet temperamentally, he was similar to a young teenage girl on a first date expecting a kiss from a cute boy throughout the novel.

Sep 20, Veronique rated it really liked it Shelves: At any rate, the tension that built throughout the book as Bren struggled to figure out what was happening to the world where he served as paidhi or interpreter, came gradually to a climax. Starting with the ninth book, Delivereroccasional passages are told from the point of view of Tabini’s young son, Cajeiri, as he grows into maturity.

The Pilot’s Guild, comfortable with the power it has accrued during the emergency, and stripped of its best elements by the battle to refuel, has become oppressive and oligarchic.

Foreigner: 10th Anniversary Edition by C. J. Cherryh | : Books

But, since her works are usually about two species struggling to understand each other, this is a really fine line to walk. It doesn’t help that the Atevi think of everything in a type of numerology, that word orders and groupings of people or objects are either fortunate or unfortunate, that Bren must do the equivalent of tensor calculus with ever xherryh, and then he gets thrown into the really life-threatening situations.


The humans give the atevi technology cgerryh society is at first far behind in technology, but the gap is narrowing in exchange for being allowed to survive in the face of the atevi’s vast numerical advantage.

After that first few chapters, Cherryh slammed the brakes, and it didn’t get any faster for the rest of the novel. Lost in space, like that classic 60s sci-fi tv show. Political boundaries are not based on territory, but on association—where their man’chi lies. Now don’t get me wrong C. He doesn’t know what’s going on and for much of the book, very little happens. Just keep in mind the trilogies do continue from one to the next, so skipping a set in the middle to read a later trilogy might be confusing.

He’s also almost completely lacking an internal model for how his companions are making decisions regarding him and his welfare and much of the attention in the book is devoted to him trying to chertyh all this out.

So like much of Cherryh’s other work, we have incredibly in depth world-building as well as really alien aliens, made all the more alien by their similarities to humans.

This book ends when the story is just about to get interesting. This is the beginning of a 12 books series – written in 4 trilogies. In fact given a choice foreivner counting how many kernels of popcorn come in a bag and reading the next book, I think I would start cherfyh. So I am still interested in the next volume Invader Foreigner, 2.

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