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The frenectomy and the free mucosal graft. In the database, a variable identified the child.


Therefore, the literature recommends caution in performing surgical procedures such frenetcomia. Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac. The Miller’s technique offers the following advantages: The conventional technique involves excision of the frenum by using a scalpel. According to literature, this insertion is outside normality standards, that is, it is not in the.

Insertion, in normal conditions, is the mucogingival limit in. Frenectomia labial superior em paciente portador de.

The mandibular frenum is considered as aberrant when it is associated with a decreased vestibular depth and an inadequate width of the attached gingiva [ 12 ]. The maxillary labial frenum develops as a post-eruptive remnant of the ectolabial bands which connect the tubercle of the upper lip to the palatine papilla. At 1 month of follow-up, frenectlmia was a gingiva across the midline and the interdental papilla was maintained.

The labial frenal attachments have been classified as mucosal, gingival, papillary and papilla penetrating, by Placek et al [ 3 ]. A series of clinical cases of frenectomy which were approached by various techniques have also been reported.


The techniques like simple excision and a modification of V-rhomboplasty fail to provide satisfactory aesthetic results in the case of a broad, thick hypertrophied frenum.

Rev Cir Traumatol Buco-Maxilo-fac ; 7 3: Examiners used full PPE lab coat, mask, cap, gloves and goggles and children were placed.

Introduction Aesthetic concerns have led to an increasing importance in seeking dental treatment, with the purpose of achieving perfect smile. Haytac MC, Ozcelik O. A new innovative surgical approach. The pack and the sutures were removed 1 week post-operatively. A clinical approach of ankyloglossia in babies: The city has 73 public schools 34 state schools and 39 municipal schools and 9 private.

This procedure with the database provides quality. A case report of maxillary frenectomy using a carbon dioxide laser in a pediatric patient. In this study, the following morphological types of upper labial frenulum were found: After 1 week, the periodontal dressing was removed, while the remnants of the sutures were left, as resorbable sutures were used.

Frenectomia Labial Superior by Maximo Hernandez on Prezi

Only a small percentage. Color Atlas of Periodontal Surgery. The transseptal fibres are not disrupted surgically labia so, there is no loss of the interdental papilla. Haemostat, scalpel blade no.

The aim of this study was to describe the anatomical characteristics and the insertion. Some studies report the importance of insertion and morphology of the labial frenulum.

Maxillary frenectomy which was done by using a carbon dioxide laser in a pediatric patient: Schools should labiwl located in different places of the city neighborhoods and. V-Y plasty can be used for lengthening the localized area, like the broad frena in the premolar-molar area. Data were processed frejectomia descriptive. The classical technique leaves a longitudinal lqbial incision and scarring, which may lead to periodontal problems and an unaesthetic appearance, thereby necessitating other modifications.


Z Plasty [15—17] This technique is indicated when there is hypertrophy of the frenum with a low insertion, which is associated with an inter-incisor diastema, and when the lateral incisors have appeared without causing the diastema to disappear and also in cases of a short vestibule.

The periodontal pack and the sutures were removed at 1 week of follow-up.

Frenectomy: A Review with the Reports of Surgical Techniques

The frena may jeopardize the lbial health when they are attached too closely to the gingival margin, either due to an interference in the plaque control or due to a muscle pull. The aberrant frena can be treated by frenectomy or by frenotomy procedures. The present article is a compilation of a brief overview about the frenum, with a frenectoma on the indications, contraindications, advantages and the disadvantages of various frenectomy techniques, like Miller’s technique, V-Y plasty, Z-plasty and frenectomy by using electrocautery.

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