FUEL ENERGIZER – ABSTRACT – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Fuel Energizer has been tested and developed for the Indian Market. The fact that taken into account a vehicle’s performance is often affected by the level of. REFERENCE: 25 3 ABSTRACT In this era of increasing fuel prices, here a device called ‘FUEL ENERGIZER’ help us to reduce Petrol /Diesel /Cooking gas.

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If we can bind up all the available oxygen with the hydrocarbon fuel, there simply will be no oxygen left over to form the unwanted nitrogen compounds. However, during the Stabilization Period the periodic oil change fnergiser recommended. However these molecules have not been realigned, the fuel is not actively inter locked with oxygen during combustion, the fuel molecule or hydrocarbon chains must be ionized and realigned.

Unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of N2 react in the atmosphere and create smog. It can be used agriculture field.

Fuel cell systems for power generation, combined heatcold and power, and mobile applications – Solid polymer fuel cell for stationary and transport applications The reason – nerve gas phosphoric esters being generated by the automotive catalytic converters. The traces of oil that escape to exhaust not only can destroy the action of a converter the car becoming instantly a polluterbut what is even worse, they are the cause of small amount of highly toxic chemical compounds such as prussic acid, sulphurated hydrogen; and platinum compounds released to the atmosphere.

All this has been caused by the incomplete enetgiser process. Catalytic converters have a finite lifetime under optimal conditions, shorter under adverse conditions.

You enegiser use PowerShow. Catalytic converters with air pumps reduce gas mileage -the Magnetizer increases gas mileage and performance. Use of the unleaded gas does eliminate the problem of the most toxic lead compounds, but there is an increase in the air of other carcinogenic substances; the exhaust problem comes around.


The ionization fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build-up in carburetor, jets, fuel injector and combustion chamber, there by keeping the engines clear condition. Smog is prime cause fel eye and throat irritation, noxious smell, plat enegiser and decreased visibility. Ortho Hydrogen readily react with incoming oxygen. The valence of carbon, on the other hand, can be plus or minus due to the configuration of its four electrons in the outer shell, which requires a total of eight electrons for completion.


View by Category Energisser navigation. The Magnetizer can easily be transferred from car to car with almost no labour. To the vertical tape gauges in cockpit. As related in stoichiometric charts representing ideal combustion parameters see belowthe highest burning efficiency will be achieved at the highest carbon dioxide level, since carbon dioxide cannot be subsequently oxidized.

The peculiar problem in designing engines for air pollution is that in order to fully burn all the hydrocarbons in the combustion chamber, operating temperatures of the cylinders have had to be increased.

In principal, the lowest fuel savings occur in the range velocity of the maximum torque, when the highest increase of horsepower can be noted about 10 HPthe Magnetizer giving a trade-off between driving a Porsche versus Volkswagen.

Fuel Energizer Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of my mentors and many other persons directly or indirectly. Each molecule consists of a number of atoms made up of number of nucleus and electrons, which orbit their nucleus. The access of oxygen in the right quantity to the interior of the groups of molecules is hindered. Oxides of nitrogen are also toxic.


It has nothing to do with incoming air from the manifold in the fuel mixture when even though there may be excess of it, this will not provide the required hydrocarbon-oxygen binding.

It is a complete waste to allow an engine to run inefficiently and to burn the excess carbon monoxide in its catalytic converter, the wasted heat merely “heating up” the exhaust system instead of providing useful work within the engine. These molecules have not been realigned and so the fuel is not actively interlocked with oxygen. Therefore, enerviser such proper combustion conditions is paramount. The ionization fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build-up in carburetor, jets, fuel injector and combustion chamber, thereby keeping the engines clear condition.

Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? We’ll even convert your presentations and slide shows energiiser the universal Flash format with all their original multimedia glory, including animation, 2D and 3D transition effects, embedded music fjel other audio, or even video embedded in slides. Download your Full Reports for Fuel Energizer.

Fuel Energizer | RISHI SHAHI –

Waver Motors port Co. I am highly indebted to Mr.

The optimum combustion efficiency performance obtained from the Magnetizer application on fuel is first indicated by the amount of increase in carbon dioxide CO2 produced, which has been validated by state emissions control devices. Generally fuels for internal combustion engine is compound of molecules.

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