Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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Repair Comprehensive, Transparent, On Schedule: GMN also offers compact and high-performance spindles for special applications which are designed for use in 5-axis milling heads such as the HCS series. A synchro nous motor Tool interface: PTC for motor temperature monitoring.

Speeds upto rpm:: Training GMN offers qualified training at customer sites as well as in our facilities, in the theory and practice of the proper use of GMN high-frequency spindles. In addition, GMN offers customer-specific solutions. All of the details available at the time of the question maximum allowable dimensions, motor performance, speed, interfaces, etc. GMN offers spindle types at various speed and performance levels.

Hybrid bearings achieve more than twice spnidle life of steel bearings due to their soindle material properties. Why must my motor spindles be cooled? A variety of successfully-implemented GMN special designs confirms that we can develop outstanding, high-performance products to assist our customers in extraordinary construction projects.

The spindle may only be operated in a direction of rotation when mounted by a thread in the center of the shaft. High-speed grinding spindle for grinding applications with high stiffness and performance requirements. GMN standard tool interface — fitting bores with sspindle contact face Lubrication: These enhancements minimize the number of spindles required to cover a large speed range.

Workplace design, tools, control measures, lubrication, installation. GMN high-frequency spindles are impressive in their high stiffness and load capabilities – providing excellent machining results. Direct AC voltage or higher frequency for high speeds:: Over 80 years of experience in spindle technology High Precision spindle bearings from our own factory Excellent performance Reliable operational safety Use of quality components of selected premium manufacturers Consistently outstanding quality characteristics Wide selection of equipment options Special solutions in every lot size hour spindle service.


GMN spindles are extremely resilient and show their strengths for example in deep hole drilling, or when used in round cycle machines. Automobile manufacturing High-frequency motor spindles for automatic tool change such as the HCS seriesoften also used for internal or external minimum volume lubrication, are used here. High-speed grinding spindles for machining small and very small holes.

Download spindles – GMN

GMN’s reliability is derived from over this experience in design, use and manufacture of precision rotating mechanisms. If desired, a service technician can be sent to assist with commissioning and to answer questions to the operating personnel. All open questions can be tmn with our technical service and our representatives.

Maximum load capabilities, extreme precision and permanent high availability are essential when manufacturing automobile components, in machine tool and die construction as well as at high-performance aluminum machining. Please click here to see the Privacy Statement.

GMN Spindle Service With more than ten GMN authorized GMN service centers throughout the world, we offer our customers over 80 years of experience in the development and production of machine spindles. Sorry, your browser do not support Javascript respectively Active Scripting, or is deactivated!

Supplier of GMN Spindle Technology

With the use of hybrid bearings, the shaft diameters of the all the models have been increased to give much higher stiffness as compared to the old models s;indle steel bearings. Asynchronous motor Tool interface: G series All-round high-speed spindle with permanent grease lubricated bearing for universal grinding, milling and drilling applications.


Should you have questions which were not answered here, please come to us with your questions.

Their performance profile is for maximum key speed values which achieve the outstanding smoothness. HV-X series High-speed grinding spindle for grinding applications with high stiffness and performance requirements.

GMN USA / Products / Supplier of GMN spindle technology

GMN spindle technology stands for quality and efficiency, and is well-suited to your grinding, milling, drilling or special applications. Spjndle case of possible technical improvements in the course of the further development of our products, we can ensure that these are taken into account when servicing your spindle.

Machine run times are significantly increased. Higher bearing stiffness, reduced thermal expansion and lower vibration excitation allow maximum machining accuracy.

Spindle Repair Service and Spindle Sales

For high Stiffness requirement:: GMN lubrication units can supply several spindle bearings with sufficient lubricating oil at the same time. GMN offers several housing forms for its high-frequency spindles, which can be combined as needed with gmj spindle types.

Issue complete 4. Coolant through the shaft. Vibration analysis Microscopic and metrological bearing testing Lubricant testing Computational test e.

The maximum speed for grease and oil lubrication spidnle increased. Series with GMN standard tool interface for grinding quills HS series High-speed grinding spindles for machining small holes. Also the motor power are comparatively higher. Cooling and lubrication units. GMN spindles are exclusively produced in our home factory in Nuremberg, Germany.

The features of these spindles are:

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