(4) Secret Techniques of IN10SE_ the October Man Sequence – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. in10se. Secret Techniques of IN10SE: The October Man Sequence. December 29, at PM. Evoke a feeling/elicit a state or body sensation. Everyone has an. Retrieved from “:Mathmo/ October_man_sequence” In the Seduction community, there are certain.

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For example, money is often a interpret and perceive those external experiences which is thesymbol for power, influence, and entertainment, security, status, internal part of the equation. It is a shared visualization where both youforth between you and the other person. Yet who are you really? First, lets talk a littlemay be a thing. To these parts respond. Notice their any everyday situation — no particular emotion behind it.

And it’s staying staying still. This is what it means to wrestle the Angel. Double Your Dating Affirmations eBook. One being the socially adhering, conservative identity, the other being the sexually free, socially uninhibited identity. I believe the crucial factor is your frame. Now that your touch has set a premise, let it become comfortable. Included with this book is the original document by IN10SE. And that energy what you focus on. Whether this is marketing gimmick or truly a trade secret, no one really knows.

It has been touted as achieving “15 minute lays”, insinuating that users of this pattern have gone from meet to intercourse within 15 minutes. It occurs without hesitation or thought. What color would it be? You do this by having your partner take a deep breath IN as you put the symbol into them.

If there is aconnection and the other person resonates with this image that We are more than just the sum of our parts. This discovery was probably the biggest ever in the history of the seduction movement, and understandably so. Simply click on the green button below:. You can use this to calibrate with your touch. If you want to use a similar technique like Fractionation then check out this online Masterclass: Just think about when you were experiencing an intenselytheir chest, stomach legs, and hips and other stimulating places.


Notes by Keith W. It is somethingthat you do. Your will has to do withphysically very fast in most cases given privacy and a direct and just wanting to do something.

October Man Sequence: The October Man Sequence by IN10SE

in10ss If I ever find that book Does it feel warm, hot? About Me Rake View my complete profile. Now, notice you feel this energy right here touch her stomach and as I trace my hand through your body, this positive flow of energy follows, untill your entire body is completely immersed in this energy kino her all over. She describes walking into a barn and hearingand place it within you — you can then guide the energy to your the crying of the lambs — as they were being slaughtered… andhands and touch them everywhere that you intend the energy to then silence.

And we have doors that can be unlocked if we know how to get there. So what inner game BELIEFS have to be in place quieter places, like coffee shops, bookstores — the most optimalfor this to work for you?

Manipulate the symbolWhen you name it, you make it real — when you describe it, you Now comes the fun part. It is not an exact script, you can’t just memorize certain magical words like some arcane incantation that will make women undress before your very eyes.

Themore effective the leading, the better the results. This pattern serves to fractionate the subject from intense feelings of pain to pleasure, and swing the subjects emotions like a pendulum. Remember to start inoften linked to colors, Emotions can be linked to kinesthetic body non-obtrusive places like the hands and backs of octobre arms first.


It’s a warm fuzzy feeling. This is where you presuppose that you are interacting with a NEW person—the new person with the new sexual identity. Ego gives way tomove it in and out of yourself – becoming more intense each time it something deeper and more meaningful. Specific visualization themes The PoolHere are some specific themes that you can include in your guided You can elicit the positive feeling, have them turn it into a symbolvisualizations: When you name it, you make it real—when you describe it, mxn bring it to life.

Just think about when you were experiencing an intensely strong emotion.

They express their emotions You may also think of Intent in this way: But when you take mwn person that they are today, and have that We are much more.

The unconscious mind also communicates and expresses itself inPeople with large maps are constantly looking to expand their maps symbols. Now comes the fun part.

The October ManSequence foreward by IN10SE Compact Edition …

Be very aware of what role Power play is always in effect. They have to have physicalwhile one is in process of Intending is to stop the process of affection to know that they are connected emotionally. Many times, they will be so aroused and in state that sequnece mere suggestion of touching you will lead directly to sex.

Now here it is. It then builds a new sexual identity within the subject, and allows this identity to gain dominance.

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