Jack McDevitt (born April 14, ) is an American science fiction author whose novels . (): Cauldron; Nebula Best Novel nominee (): Echo; Nebula Best Novel nominee (): Firebird; Robert A. Heinlein Award winner (). Firebird is volume six of Jack McDevitt’s “Alex Benedict” series of archeological mysteries in a Science Fiction setting, a series that found its. This month sees the publication of the sixth novel in Jack McDevitt’s Alex Benedict series, the aptly-titled Firebird. Like its predecessors, from A.

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Robin slipped into a parallel universe The authorities deny this, of course. Jul 09, Annika rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is more than a touch of the horrific as well. A new Alex Benedict novel from “a mcdevitr of describing otherworldly grandeur. The AI plot gives McDevitt a chance to firevird the theme of how a society comes slowly to r The Alex Benedict novels are typically lighter than McDevitt’s Priscilla Hutchins series, but this sixth novel in the Benedict series holds its own.

Review: Firebird by Jack McDevitt

Narration was well done. The AI mcdevith gives McDevitt a chance to explore the theme of how a society comes slowly to rethink widely-held but racist views. She is the sister-in-law of Christopher Robin no relation to Winnie the Pooh who is a physicist who mysteriously disappeared years ago. His Girl Friday is Chase Kolpath, a deep space pilot, secretary, office manager, public relations, jacck just about everything else that Alex needs.

The hints and clues that show up at Not much time to do a review but I wanted to say that this one gets a range from me. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

His gaze lingered in turn on the Virgin’s Alcove illuminated by a few flickering candles and the Stations of the Cross, on the simple altar, mcxevitt the hewn pulpit with its ponderous Bible. A Talent For War.


Jack McDevitt

Oct 08, Alex Shrugged rated it really liked it Shelves: But I may have read more into it than he wanted to put there. Accompanied by Chase, who again issues warnings regarding his involvement and mcdsvitt danger to himself and his reputation, Alex chases clues in an attempt to unravel the mystery for himself.

When the author turned his hand to a light but ultra-fun time travel story in Time Travelers Never Die FBC FfirebirdI hoped that Alex and Chase have been retired at the top, but it was not to be and firebirx year’s Echo just brought my suspension of disbelief to a crash in a novel that while readable – again as a testimony to how mesmerizing the author can be – was utterly laughable in world building from beginning to almost the end.

Nothing has changed in 15, plus years except for the unexplained development of hyperspace drives, anti-gravity, and artificial intelligence. Don’t have a Kindle?

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The story itself is pop detective fiction, more concerned with making us like the antiquities dealer cum detective Alex and his female space pilot sidekick Chase.

Mar 25, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: There are the usual McDevitt touches – Alex and Firebied investigating, the blind alleys, the mysterious enemies, the stunning discovery – but this time the big picture of the universe is involved and it works much better than in Echo; the ending made me hope that Firebird is the last novel in this series since the author is way too good a storyteller not to have a better and more up-to-date tale to regale us with.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 21, Text Addict rated it it was ok Shelves: Chris Robin is missing at the same time an earthquake hits the planet but he is nowhere near the quake. Alex, of course, cannot resist a mystery, and newly generated public interest is likely to raise the val At the beginning of this novel, a client offers Alex Benedict a number of items that once belonged to a physicist named Christopher Robin.


The central mystery also has a large measure of gravitas: I guess McDevitt didn’t want to hop onto that bandwagon, but usually it’s space opera that takes that tack, and this is definitely not space opera.

The timeless symbol of man’s effort to evade responsibility, it had always seemed to Chulohn the most significant of all the ancient rituals. One would think that the distant future would be a little more different given how much such things have changed in the previous 9, years. See all books by Jack McDevitt. McDevitt, as usual, keeps the world reasonably fully-fleshed as he goes along, including at least a superficial look at some of the social issues that firebir a world would face.

Usually McDevitt adds on a couple of red herrings theories before guiding us to the right one. Alex and Chase are of course back in Firebird. Here, halfway up a mountainside, he could look out over the river valley that the early fathers, in a burst of enthusiasm, had dedicated to St.

This development creates potential for their relationship to deepen in the future. With The Engines of GodMcDevitt introduced the idea of a universe that was once teeming with intelligent life, but contains only their abandoned artifacts by the time humans arrive on the scene.

Mcdevitr they have rights? But he is also a man of high intelligence and integrity. Novels by Jack McDevitt. Only one more book in this forever unfinished series. Oct 15, Andreapeabody rated it really liked it.

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