James Shikwati is a Kenyan economist and libertarian. He is known for promoting the idea that the current system of sending aid to Africa causes more harm. View James Shikwati’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. James has 3 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. James Shikwati is an expert in development economics in Africa. He is the founder and director of the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN), a think tank.

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Robert Bosch Academy – James Shikwati

DW talked to Shikwati on the sidelines of the conference, Start-up Africa: Under this presumption, philanthropic acts like aid cannot be justified because they plunder citizens of their property through taxation.

Sometimes it fails or some times it gains traction. Follow DW English on Twitter Change it here DW. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How could Africans stimulate growth within Africa without the needed experience? They all recommend that for the aid program to be successful, long-term plans must be implemented and continued jzmes completion [9].

When you are being assisted, you lower your guard — you don’t promote your own interests because you are on the assistance side.

Professionalism/James Shikwati and Aid to Africa – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s message offering good prospects for the future was beamed. The issue of a short-term fix versus a long-term solution is a conflict that repeatedly rears its head in professional ethics. Print Print this page Permalink https: This, Shikwati argues, is why donating money will do little to help improve the continent.

What is behind your position? He has worked extensively with internationally acclaimed opinion leaders to promote ideas shikkwati improve productivity, and increase freedom to trade as a way to alleviate poverty. Please help by adding reliable sources.

Giving the African Union the role of trying to drive development, I think that would be quite difficult. Even though the European countries eventually pulled out after many long struggles and quests for independence, Africa was left divided and without any strong system of government. The aspect of stimulating growth really goes back to Shijwati tapping into its 1.


This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Japan is rethinking the ways in which its official development assistance is provided to developing nations in order to promote its vision for a “free and open Indo-Pacific strategy. Africa innovation prize winners tackle continent’s challenges The winners of this year’s Innovation Prize for Africa have invented everything from a fast medical test for common African diseases to a device that can help produce more electricity by boosting efficiency.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. You notice even in Europe, solutions … have come from networking.

Your view on international development cooperation is somehow different – you oppose it. He recently argued that development is the ability of individuals to understand the world and creatively respond to challenges that confront humanity in a manner that increases levels of human comfort on earth.

In addition to keeping the surpluses away from the domestic economy, the program built new markets for American products and rewarded favored third world regimes.

Professionalism/James Shikwati and Aid to Africa

But having the headquarters, and having its history as African Union headquarter for a united Africa – I think we can still retain it as ahikwati networking area. So I wouldn’t really say it is a sleeping giant.

If not, then what role should it the AU play in relation to Africa’s development? He also wants Africans to utilize the continents abundance of natural resources that could allow them to become competitive in many different industries including the cell phone industry [9].

However, since the money was given to him, the power of what to do lies with the donor and therefore the only option is to repair the roof. For example, if whikwati farmer has zhikwati leak in his roof, money may be given to him to repair the roof but he may feel that the money is better spent elsewhere. He is a “self taught” economist. Development expert Francisco Ferreira says it’s not too late to turn things shukwati. During his time as a teacher, he filled out dozens of applications to American graduate schools.


Germany Germany’s New Years Eve fireworks ruining air quality He facilitates several workshops every year throughout Africa geared towards promoting productivity and trade.

Development has to come from inside of Africa. He is known for promoting the idea that the current system of sending aid to Africa causes more harm than sihkwati, due to the fact that the influx of cheap food often hurts African farmers, and many corrupt governments misuse the aid rather than sending it directly to those who need it.

James Shikwati

You notice that whenever Europe feels that there is a challenge coming from Africa, for example, migrationthen they would set a budget and say ‘let’s put this money to go and handle this problem of migration’ forgetting that development has to be driven intrinsically. Policies and guidelines Contact us. I think the African Union can offer that opportunity, where we present our solutions to Africa and then have them compete so that we pick which one we can agree on in terms of what Africa should use or utilize.

You bring your innovation, somebody else brings theirs and society has to pick which one they think works for them. Similarly, it makes the recipient dependent on these philanthropic acts which interferes with the benefits of a free market.

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