Questionnaire Response. II. Direct Scoring of the JDI. III. Number of Positive and Negative Items in the JDI. Dimensions. IV. Expected Scores of the. Index questionnaire which are job, pay, promotion opportunity, supervision and .. (JDI) Questionnaire which has been used to evaluate job satisfaction. The JDI and related scales are frequently used by academic researchers and workplace professionals as a means of measuring employee attitudes such as job.

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Am J Pharm Educ. The development of a measure of job satisfaction for use in monitoring the morale of community nurses in four trusts. The psychometric properties of the quesstionnaire in separately analyzed subgroups divided by sex, nationality, college and clinical duties produced fairly comparable findings.

The Job Descriptive Index: Newly Updated and Available for Download

Table 1 Table 1a: All inter-factor correlations were positive and significant, ranging from 0. Since the original introduction of the JDI, the measure has undergone two major updates: Five-factor model of personality and job satisfaction: Efforts were made to create scales that had the highest information across a range of levels of satisfaction, had acceptable internal consistency, included a balance of positively and negatively worded items, and exhibited a clean factor structure.


Job satisfaction of female Saudi nurses. The consistency of the instrument across separately analyzed faculty subgroups supports its applicability in various academic settings. Factor 1 alone contributed half the How good are single vs. Home About Us Sitemap Contact. Jdo second part contained 46 items, one of which was an overall judgment about one’s own JS, and the remaining items subdivided into eleven putative JS domains.

Outcome measures Five measures were to be estimated: The assessment tool was a fully structured multi-item self-administered questionnaire. The measurement of satisfaction in work and retirement. A total of of all the academic staff of U0D returned their completed questionnaires making a response rate of Minnesota Studies in Vocational Jdii A study of the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention among hospital employees.

Conjointly, they accommodated 45 out of the initially introduced 46 items. Despite the sizable literature on JS of academic staff, most studies have employed relatively generic all-purpose instruments.

We are also indebted to Margilyn Ungson and Jess Jei for their enthusiastic secretarial and logistic services. Most of our reported psychometric indices compare favorably with published studies.

About one-third of human adult life is spent in breadwinning activities. Please review our privacy policy. Table 4 provides the main psychometric properties of the instrument in separately analyzed major faculty subgroups. Special thanks go to all faculty members who readily completed and returned the questionnaires.


The response rate of The measurement of wellbeing and other aspects of mental health. J Egypt Health Assoc.

Academic job satisfaction questionnaire: Construction and validation in Saudi Arabia

Our response rate of Questionnaure The authors thank the deans, vice-deans and chairpersons of the departments in all the five colleges for their help in data collection and in related logistics pertaining to the present study.

The present study has achieved its main objective, namely validating an AJSQ.

Table 2 Within-factor internal consistency reliability. Advances in experimental social psychology, In a country such as Saudi Arabia, relatively questionnnaire studies have addressed JS.

Academic job satisfaction questionnaire: Construction and validation in Saudi Arabia

Measurement of Satisfaction in Work and Retirement. Source of job stress for nurses in public hospitals. Psychological Bulletin,— People living in the United States who met some basic requirements e.

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