3 quotes from Karol K. Truman: ‘most people have a deep desire, and are searching, for peace of mind and the ability to truly love and be loved unconditionally. Healing Feelings – Resolve negative feelings that affect your physical, mental, Karol K. Truman, Karol Truman, author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. Processing Feelings with the “Script” from the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman. Spirit/Super-Conscious, please locate the origin of my.

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Nuried had been through 10 medications, a couple of doctors, a chiropractor, and homopathic treatment all to no avail. I appreciated the idea and insight that our first traumatic experience may have occurred at birth. In short, we cease to be “double-minded” and become “single-minded”. Compatible burled iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I will try some of her suggestions, but instead of recommending someone read the book in its entirety I would suggest getting a decent summary and an idea of the script from someone.

These can take many forms. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Adrienne No, it’s not. That would be like talking buriev my thumb as if it’s a separate entity, but it’s really all me.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

It is nothing less than miraculous to find that we ARE in control of our personal well-being in every and any circumstance. We live in a toxic world with so many external stressors. When we ignore our feelings, we live in a state of double-mindedness We are all spiritual beings searching to obtain a state of perfection that is already present in us but blocked by the fall of man.

And now I am going to have to buy my own copy! Quotes from Feelings Buried A I thought there were some really good things about this book and I thought there were some things that were a little hard to swallow.

Not particularly well written, but chapter 4 is a good overview of Truman’s thinking, and the the tables in chapter 17 on types of feelings and chapter 18 on the causes of illness are food for thought In the end, science is finally corroborating the fact that love for oneself and for others, as well as forgiveness and letting go create health.


Apr 28, Tracy rated it really liked it. The author also sets forth a procedure “Script” which can assist a person to resolve negative feelings howsoever long they have existed and to elimiate them.

Shouldn’t have to scroll through to get fedlings a symptom and definitely not every time after looking at something. And finally at the end she started talking about some of the science rather than the book just sounding like her opinion. Jan 05, Adrienne rated it liked it. I love the idea that we can replace a negativ Though I almost quit reading it when she talks about how our birth experience continues to affect us into adulthood, this book convinced me of an important truth.

There’s now an app that accompanies this book, which is helpful to keep The Script ready at a moments notice. I credit this book with being very important on that path.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. When we ignore our feelings, we live in kadol state of double-mindedness and pain.

We are all spiritual beings searching to obtain a state of perfection that is already present in us but blocked by the fall of man. Books by Karol K. The Negative Feelings and their Positive replacements have been added to the app! Out bodies can heal themselves and we can be whole again! Aug 21, Catherine rated it did not like it. However, I think this book takes the idea to an extreme and that it oversimplifies the causes of certain diseases. I would urge anyone who alivve not been able to truly heal emotional OR physical issues with conventional medical help to please give energy work a try.

Karol K. Truman Quotes (Author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die)

Compatibility Requires iOS 7. I no longer have hardly any migraines because of this book! Now I wholeheartedly believe that we can change how we feel by implementing active and sincere choice. I did appreciate the main sentiment though; one should never bury alive one’s emotions, believing they will die if neglected.


It would be wise to avoid this book and books of its kind as well as Brad Nelson’s book as noted by the reviewer listed below.

The book begins literally “in the beginning. I learned a lot of helpful things.

May 10, Toni Miranda rated it it was amazing. App also locks up on me when going through symptoms and gives me a black screen. Praise God for our full present full redemtion and free will to choose if we will live in a redeemed state or a state of pain and suffering.

I prefer to do things my own way, so the idea of following someone else’s exact words is unappealing. The concepts are also in line with Dr. Secondly, the book seemed to claim one thing and then immediately jump to something else without realizing that the one refuted the other. It has helped to balance and ground me, giving me a source to turn to when the dark feelings surface.

I do think that this is a good book to scan to get a sense of the big picture and scope of what influences our health. The author suggests that in many cases, if not most, our unresolved feelings [negative feelings] lead to disease dis-ease in our bodies and often account for the ailments however serious which beset us.

While I did glean some helpful things from this book that I am going to apply to my life I struggled with the main purpose because I don’t understand how the author has authority in this matter.

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