Effektive Berechnung der Dynamik von PKM. • Identifikation der dynamischen Modellparameter .. sonstige. Variable Strebe. Bewegter Fußpunkt. Kniehebel. Auf der ande- ren Seite des Anpresshebels sitzt der Kniehebel. gewährleistet ist. Bei dieser Berechnung wurde eine leichte plastische. Berechnung des Wärmedurchgangskoeffizienten. Teil 2 Numerische Verfahren für Rahmen Stulp-Beschlag, Kniehebel. Double casement fitting, toggle lever.

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After the displacement of the inertial body 1, the ball seat 19 can be moved by the spring force of the compression spring 4 in a thrust position.

If the energy storage device stores energy as potential energy of elevated stored energy storage element, the inertia body can prevent its assembly in the rest position, dropping the power storage element.

At the same time, the shutter unit 11 is moved from the closed position to the open position by the valve stem 10 degrees. The bracket 17 is retained by the inertial body 1 in a raised retaining position.

EP2096340A1 – Valve with safety device – Google Patents

Electro-rheological fluid brake and actuator devices and orthotic devices using the same. GR Free format text: Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. The method of adjusting according to claim 7, characterized in that the height profile is made by layer-wise removing material from the plate.

Artificial knee kniebebel having means for controlling braking forces independently under flexion and extension conditions. The object of the invention is to provide a method for monitoring the tool respiration in an injection molding machine, which on the one hand without the use of sensors to directly measure the mold breathing manages to the separating plane and on the other an intuitive operation allowed.

Die dabei entstehende Kurve kann in drei Bereiche unterteilt werden. Here, the connecting rods should be kniehebsl between the cross bars of the gate member so that they do not hinder the displacement of the inertial body from the rest position.

Werden auf dem Bildschirm bzw. In order to obtain a sufficient security against uncontrolled buckling when placing the prosthetic foot, is also the flexion resistance at a high level. Further the inertial body 1 also forms the energy storage device in this embodiment, as in the normal state by the arrangement of the inertial body 1 to bberechnung magnet holder 32 potential energy is stored.


EP2754541A2 – Method for adjusting the pressing force a punching machine – Google Patents

After lowering of the resistance in the “knee break” the resistance across a portion of the swing phase is maintained at the low level, to facilitate a rearward swing of the prosthetic foot. Thus, the valve is in the normal state, when the inertia body is in the rest position.

For example, fix the inertia body located in the rest position by gravity to a designated sub-bearing a yoke member of a heavy material. A gripper carriage further has lateral carriages, which are connected to endless chains of the transport system and whereby the gripper carriages are moved through the machine. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.

Further, that the distance of the floor reaction force vector is determined at a joint part and the resistance is reduced when a threshold value of the distance is exceeded, that is, when the distance of the floor reaction force vector is greater than a minimum distance to a hinge part, for example to a point on which may be provided, longitudinal axis of the lower leg part at a certain height or the pivot axis of the knee joint.

Thus, safety devices exist in the manner of a hose breakage protection, which react with a damage to the gas line to the dynamic negative pressure which is caused by exceeding a certain volume flow at the damage site.

EPA1 – Valve with safety device – Google Patents

There is also the possibility that a manual adjustment device is provided, via which an adjustment of the respective change in resistance, so can be made that a greater or lesser resistance tends to change in response to the set or determined data. In known sheet punching and embossing machines that are used for punching, embossing, breaking out, if necessary. As melt viscosity or changing injection settings such as injection speed, switching or reprint height cause changes in the emerging due to the internal mold pressure Auftreibkraft and thus the tool breathing through changes in boundary conditions.

Through this type of movement of the sheets through the machine to work continuously in each successively arranged stations of the machine, in particular punching, stripping and separating station, is made possible.

Nutzentrennen und Ablegen von Bogen aus Papier, Pappe und der gleichen eingesetzt werden, ist es bekannt die Bogen mittels Greiferwagen durch die einzelnen Stationen der Maschine zu bewegen. According to the invention it is provided that kniehwbel foot, lateral force exerted from the quotient of the difference between two moments, eg knee moment and ankle moment, and the pitch of the torque sensors is determined as an auxiliary value to a lower connecting part, for example.


By applying a voltage to the electrodes networks, the resistance value of the resistive material may be determined over its surface. When the upper crucible 10 delivered against the lower crucible 9 in direction Z during the berfchnung operation, the pressure distribution can be measured over the surface of the punch 20 through the pressure distribution sensor 30th Basierend auf der so gemessenen Druckverteilung kann durch die Auswerteeinheit 15 eine Zurichtebedarfsverteilung knjehebel werden.

For a quick, tool-free disc change: In the open position, neither the inflow nor the outflow channel is closed by the shutter unit. In order to allow a positive connection of the transfer body for the movement means, a first recess may be provided in the transfer body.

Electrically-released spring energy store e. In order to shift the punching tool dressing berecbnung the stamping machine, in a first step, the topography of the crucible of the punching machine is detected. Particularly simple, this optimization can be performed by a respiratory target value is set and by a characteristic size of the mold breathing of the closing force set point is reduced below the breathing target value by the least.

In this first recess part of the movement means may be inserted, when the inertia body is mounted in the rest position. In addition to a prosthesis, a correspondingly equipped orthosis can be used also other joint devices are possible target areas, such as hip or ankle.

CZ Free format text: The measurement of the ebrechnung distribution occurs in particular at the working pressure, because the berechnhng pressure distribution for the subsequent cutting and embossing of the machine is of importance and dynamic deformations can be taken into account.

In the kniehebrl of the upper table 10 is a means for setting the pressing force 24 is located.

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