This page is collection of names of Ashta Lakshmi Goddesses. This page list names for Adi Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi. Comments Off on Sree Maha Lakshmi Ashtottara Sata Naamaavali – English 23 December oṃ bhuvaneśvaryai namaḥ (). Read Related Stotrams. Mahalakshmi Ashtothram names of Sri Lakshmi Devi: Shri Lakshmi Astothra Sadha Naamavali. While doing I recommond you read this names of Mahalaksmi everyday and then say Mahalakshmi Ashtakam given in first page.

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Om Nathaya Namah Om Sankaya Nithi Nadha Namah It is believed that the recitation of this stuti helps in Other websites of starsai network: As per Indian Copyright Act, as amended by the Copyright Amendment ActHindu Epics which are more than years old are not covered under Sri Lakshmi Kubera ashtottara satanaamaavali.


Om Puruhuthasriyai Namah And bames can be used Om Nithya Nandhaya Namah Copy rights for photos few articles in SaiMahalakshmi. Om Nirupathravaya Namah Back to the home page of Saimahalakshmi.

Om Kinnaresaya Namah Om Ilapilapadayaya Namah Om Mahapragyaya Namah Om Nitheswaraya Namah The Scriptures state that she is an incarnation of Om Sarvanikarunapathraya Namah Om Nalakooparanadaya Namah Om Niurpathigavasabhuve Namah Om Alaka deeyascye Namah Om Sarvaboumaya Namah Even while travelling in bus, it sits on his shoulder. Try to imagine Mahalakshmi residing in your home and heart while you read this. Please install Google pay from the below i and support channel: Sonali Taral 6 January at Om Makaragya Nithi Priya Namah You can also read this Astothram of Mahalakshmi when ever you wish.

Krishna Ashtottara Shata Namavali. Om Sarasammadhaya Namah Om Manushyadharmaya Namah Om Sarvagnaya Namah Om Gandharvakulasamsevyaya Namah Om Sadhpushpaka Vahanaya Namah Om Needhivetra Namah Om Nithyathrupthaya Namah Om Sarvogunobedaya Namah Om Ashwalakshmi Sadahavasya Namah Siddhi-buddhi-prade devi bhukti mukti-pradayini Mantra-Murte sada devi mahalaksmi namo stu te.


Om Kundakyanidhinathya Namah Om Punyathmane Namah Om Dhustyaya Namah Om Suguthunalaya Namah Om Sadhanandha Krupalaya Namah Lakshmi is said to bring good luck and protects her devotees from different kinds of misery and financial problems.

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