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Thus a lot of his ideas that seemed so improbable in the past are considered common knowledge now. Odum and Howard T.

Work done at these institutions continues to evolve and propagate the Odum’s concept of emergy. Odum together with David M. Odum junto con David M. And as an ecologist interested in the behavior and function of large entities over time, Odum therefore sought to give a more general statement of natural selection so that it was equally applicable to large entities as it was to small entities traditionally studied in biology.

He therefore funded the research into the use of conventional economic approaches to quantify dollar values of ecological resources ecolofia recreational, treatment and other uses.

The intricate biological details of a particular ecosytem [ lihro He was the younger brother of Eugene Odum. More than the sum of the parts, Yale University Press.

Kitching claimed that the language was a direct result of ecologua with analogue computers, and reflected an electrical engineer’s approach to the problem of system representation: Squares represent biotic pools and ovals are fluxes or energy or nutrients from the system.


Alexander Bogdanov Russell L. This does not necessarily contradict evolutionary changes in the earth’s history since these changes may be part of a larger steady state systems. An Introduction to Ecotechnology, J.

Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia

He claimed that energy odumm driven through ecological systems by an “ecoforce” analogous to the role of voltage in electrical circuits. Silver Springs is a common type of spring-fed stream in Floridawith librp constant temperature and chemical composition. The Ecolkgia and applications of H. Odum was a pioneer in his use of small closed and open ecosystems in classroom teaching. That year he moved to the University of Florida, where he taught at the Environmental Engineering Sciences Department, founded and directed the Center for Environmental Policy, and founded the University’s Center for Wetlands in Odum fue el tercer hijo de Howard W.

If this postulate is applied to all of nature, the resulting proposition is that nature is as a whole in a steady state or is in the most stable form possible and constitutes one big entity.

Howard T. Odum

Odum looked at natural systems as having been formed by the use of various forms of energy in the past: Odum, with an overview of H. Odum believed that this language could be applied to any system: Lkbro other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is thus postulated that natural selection of natural systems results in the formation of entities defined as above. Odum and Howard T.

Odum en en honor a su trabajo. Ecologists and environmental politics: They were exploring the implications of the laws of thermodynamics when used in these new settings. In this way he was able to establish the stream’s energy budget”.


He said that the “human is the biosphere’s programmatic and pragmatic information processor for maximum performance”. Odum also wrote on radiation ecology, systems ecologyunified science, and the microcosm. Los organismos superiores como los peces odkm diodos. This ambitious program in systems ecology was summarized in Odum’s semipopular book, Environment, Power, and Society Odum in ; she had four children from her previous marriage.

De lo contrario, el circuito se invierte. If one is building a model of energy ecologua then certainly the Odum system should be given serious consideration In observing the way higher order trophic levels have a control function in ecosystems, H. A system with constant temperature is selected by nature as more ecologiz than a system with different temperatures together.

Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The reason that systems can not proceed toward some kind of disintegration is that such a pattern has no mechanism of maintaining itself.

Ecological economics is now an active field re economics and ecology with annual conferences, international societies and an international journal.

Odum used an analog of electrical energy networks to model the energy flow pathways of ecosystems.

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