Om Namah Sivaya This application is in devotion towards Lord Shiva. It has the below slokas and manthras in Malayalam and English with audio. The audio. Shiv Lingashtakam with Lyrics in Hindi, English and Kannada How to use: Double tap–> Next Page Slide right–>Next Page Slide left–>Previous. I tried searching(online) for Hanuman chalisa lyrics in kannada, but in . This blog also has the lyrics for Lingashtakam or Shiva Stuti as it is.

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This is composed by sankaracharya and the first line itself is against our philosphy and hari sarvoththama. I am adding some urls for the lingashtakam http: Posted by Raja on December 16, at 7: I bow before that Lingam, which is the eternal Shiva, Which is served by gods and other beings, Which is kanada doorway for devotion and good thought, And which shines like billions of Suns.

Follow my blog – Thanks to Followers!!! M balamurali Krishna Reply.

Please respect my work Please don’t steal any content from my blog. I would have to do the same as well.


I made both Telugu and English versions of Lingaastam. Dear All, On youtube i saw and heard a very nice song, Lingashtakam, and from that moment i fell in love with this pingashtakam uplifting shiv song.

Lingashtakam – Shiva Stuthi | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

The offering of the leaves are considered so important that it is believed that someone who offers them without any intentions will be rewarded greatly. Posted by priya and narmu on October 8, at 3: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I will take an image and post the same.

This a superb video.

May divine lord siva bless you lyricd. It is considered to be the largest peaceful gathering in the world where around million 10 crore people were expected to visit during the Maha Kumbh Mela in in Allahabad.

Can anyone help me with this? Posted by Rajiv Ramanjani on December 18, at 3: Hanuman Chalisa HD Audio.

Lingashtakam Stotram Lyrics in Kannada and English With Meaning

Posted by anand on November 21, at 2: Posted by priya and narmu on October 8, at 4: Posted by meeraghu on January 13, at 8: Posted by Sukanta Aacharya on April 13, at lingashtamam Posted by meeraghu on August 18, at 9: I continuously bow to that Linga of Siva, Which is applied by a paste of sandalwood and kumkuma, Which is adorned by a garland of lotuses, and Which destroys the accumulated sins of living beings.


View my complete profile. I am only a third lingxshtakam thank you Reply. Mahashivaratri marks the night when Lord Shiva performed the ‘Tandava’ and it is the day that Lord Shiva was married to Parvati. Now I am looking for Shiva Sthuthi in English.

Pooja Vidhana / ಪೂಜಾ ವಿಧಾನ: Lingashtakam in Kannada / ಲಿಂಗಾಷ್ಟಕ ಸ್ತೋತ್ರ

I tried something new, and it seems to work. Hi Meera, Thank you very much for this. Thiruppaavai Thirupavai by Andal in Tamil and English with audio and meaning.

Lingastakam should not be chanted by madhwas, because the first lines itself tells that shiva is greater than brahma and vishnu which kannara against madhwas. Thank you for your generosity! HI, Aybody can send me Lingastakam bhajan by sp Balsubramyam?

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