I’m Makato. I would like to go to a Makato and the Cowrie Shell The King was amazed and Makato tells the whole story. The king was so. The story of Makato and the Cowrie shell is basically a story of a boy coming of age and making his fortune. A young boy named Makato was. Answers. jeanne swaegbaby; Beginner. Makato who was ones orphan, became a king of a prosperous kingdom. 32 votes. 32 votes.

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Anonymous September 3, at 5: Guys do you think Makato’s suggestion was fair for both him and the woman? He king was impressed by so much intelligence and industry that he offered him a fixed position at the palace.

He worked hard cleaning elephants sheds and finding food. He grew the lettuces, and next time he saw the king, he gave one to him, telling him he grew them from the shell the king had given him. Anonymous September 21, at 5: I want a free account. He asked the woman about them, and shels let him have as many as would stick to his finger in return for his treasured cowrie shell. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn.


Anonymous August 8, at 6: Anonymous August 24, at 9: Having trouble with your homework? He saw some lettuce seeds at a cowtie in the market and thought that he could grow them.

What is the resolution of the story makato and the cowrie shell?

Plot of view in the story of Makato and the cowrie shell. He would dream of going on stoory adventure to a bigger place where the land was fertile and the people were kind, and he was encouraged to do that.

Unknown November 14, at 1: Free help with homework Free help with homework. Enabling EnvironmentReward Systems.

what is the message of story in makato and the cowrie shell –

He was an orphan, and had no friends or family to take care maakato him. Anonymous September 3, at 3: October 7, at Anonymous Nad 26, at Anonymous February 18, at 2: Anonymous September 12, at Anonymous December 6, at 6: Ask for details Follow Report by Kathriel She worked with the king’s elephants and he started working for her.

Rijomien September 9, at 7: Anonymous January 20, at 1: Anonymous June 13, at 2: Anonymous June 16, at When Makato offered the shell to the King, the King said he could keep it, and so Makato pondered what he could do to honor the king’s gift.


Learn more with Brainly! Anonymous September 6, at Makato carefully scraped the seeds from his finger and planted them, watering the tiny sprouts daily, until the garden was covered in fresh, green lettuce. Proud as he was, he offered to king his first produce. Anonymous September 2, mskato 9: The king was dhells, gave him a job in the castle, and he eventually grew up and married the daughter of the king.

Makato picked it up and held it out to the king. Alwin Ybanez September 3, at 4: Log in to add a comment.

He went to the market to buy seeds, yet quickly realized he could not even buy the smallest bag of seeds, while he noticed a lettuce seed stall. Anonymous September 2, at 2: Zeuxis Khade Swell March 18, at 3: The story of Makato and the Cowrie shell is basically a story of a boy coming of age and making his fortune.

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